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Free Patterns


demonheadpop PICT0003

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry here

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Bokaclava Jr.


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PDF download courtesy of ravelry here

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry here

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry here

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Other Patterns

All of these PDF downloads are paid via Paypal. All prices are in GBP (pounds sterling), other currencies will be automatically converted by Paypal.

Aberlady Stole


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PDF download available courtesy of ravelry, price £3.50 GBP.

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £3.00 GBP

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £3.00 GBP

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £3.00 GBP

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £3.00 GBP

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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £2.50 GBP

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Nigg Stole


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PDF download courtesy of ravelry, price £3.50 GBP

28 Responses to “patterns”

  1. I think this is brilliant!!

  2. Ohh, can’t wait for the mitts to go with the creature. My little boy (who is now 27 with his own two little ones) loved the movie, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Only, he called it, “The Creater from the Black Magoo.” I think he’s getting this creature hat soon, hehe!

  3. any chance the Dracoclava is big enough for adults? I have a nerdy friend in Boston who would die for this!

  4. These are beautiful!

  5. Great patterns! My grandsons would love them. Would you tell me what the price is in USD? Thank you.

    • Hi Monica – the buy now button is via paypal, who don’t give out exact exchange rates, but they tend to be in the region of those given via google – at the moment that’s around the $4.50 mark. Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you for the info.

  7. Oh Em Gee! Aweseome!

  8. I wasn’t aware of what one can do with black belt knitting proficiency – strikingly beautiful and quite funny at the same time. And the molecule looks quite cuddly – but why acrylonitrile (pungent odor, toxic, highly flammable)? There seem to be nicer ones around to be knitted… ;)

  9. You are incredibly talented. I LOVE the Cthulhuclava. I see you sell the pattern.. but do you sell the actual item? I dont even have a clue as to how to start to do something like that >_<

    • I do take commissions from time to time, yes – contact me via my email address for more details (you’ll find it on my about page).

  10. Hi,
    awesome knits…I would like to order but I do not use paypal, so I was wondering if I could do a money order, if so I will need a address and name to put on the money order. Please let me know.
    Thanks Traci

    • Hi Traci,

      I’m not certain at the moment whether my bank would accept a money order (I’m in the UK) – I’ll check with them and drop you a line at your email addy.

  11. this is awesome. simply awesome.

  12. Thanks for sharing these. My hubby has requested Cthulhuclava….I’m off to find you on ravelry! Hilarious!

  13. Your patterns are amazing! so unique and cool

  14. We think this stuff is amazing. My motherinlaw is knitting daft. I’ll get her some of these patterns.

  15. You are rather talented and generous with your skills – fantastic designs! Surely some Star Wars patterns must follow!

    Keep up the brilliant work.


  17. Hi Lia, you’re right, it’s stocking stitch across those stitches back and forth. If you need any further help, please get in touch via my email address (it’s on the about page), I’m always happy to help, and I’m more likely to spot a query right away in my email inbox. All the best, Anne-Marie

  18. Your stuff is amazing! I was wondering- do you have a policy as to whether or not I may sell the stuff that I make from your patterns? Thanks for your time!

    • Hi, and thanks!

      I don’t have what you’d call a Policy (with a capital P) on knits, generally all I’d ask is credit for designing the original pattern – including, where possible, a link back to my blog/the inclusion of my website address (either on advertising or packaging/labels).

      In an ideal world, for commissions I’d prefer it if each individual who commissions you to knit for them paid for a copy of the pattern (in the same way as they would also, presumably, pay for the cost of your other materials and your labour), but clearly that’s not something I can enforce in any way.

      Hope that answers your question :)

  19. So I’ve sold a few of your baalaklavas, and I’d like to offer you a commission. Is there a way I can contact you privately so we can discuss? Thanks!

  20. Certainly! My email address is on the about page –

  21. hi Anne marie, Theresa Roberts here,(Johns mum) from sunny Cotmanhay.Ihave seen your wonderfull creations on ravelry and wondered if you could be the same Anne marie old school friend of Johns.He is visiting for xmas,and assures me you are! Any how I have printed a copy of Bokalava, hoping to knit him one as a suprise.(he will be) I apologise if you are not the same ,but think your designs are so clever..Best wishes to you and yours..Theresa.

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