Everyone’s favourite spooky squash, in knitted form.


The mask is knit with 4mm needles (DPN and circular, 80cm length) in DK weight yarn, and fits adult and older child sizes.

The ridges are formed using stranded knitting techniques, and lightly stuffed with toy stuffing.


PDF downloads are, as ever, courtesy of ravelry.com and paid via Paypal – you don’t need to be a member of ravelry to download, but you do need a Paypal account to purchase.

Price is £3.50 GBP.



Quick update

Well, it’s been quiet round these here parts, due partly to me being tied up with trying to fix/being unable to fix/having to scrap my car, and partly to my working away on a ‘Clava Project.

The car is no longer giving me any grief at all, and the ‘Clava is Finished.

Little one’s cardigan is only a few rows on from when I left it, and my jumper is in exactly the place it was when I last posted. I’ve started work on a pair of warm convertible mittens for my sister’s father in law, though they’re just up to the first thumbhole of the first mitt and I don’t have any pics of them right just now.

I do, however, have a sneak preview of the forthcoming pattern –



I expect to have the pattern uploaded and ready to purchase in the next 24 hours, price £3.00 GBP, via Ravelry as per usual. Watch this space!

Nigg Stole


Nigg Stole in cobweb weight yarn

The design of this stole is a representation of a maze design found on the Nigg Stone, a Pictish cross-slab in Easter Ross, Scotland.

The pattern can be knit using either cobweb or laceweight yarn to various sizes, from 18 to 34 inches wide and in several lengths – 58 inches, 67.5/69 inches, 77/80 inches. Whichever size you choose, your stole will depict a complete maze around which a single path may be traced.

Payment is via Paypal for a download in PDF form. The PDF contains 18 pages, including charts and fully written instructions, along with notes on calculating widths, lengths and yardages.


Pattern PDF £4.00 GBP

The stole pictured was knit using Fyberspates Fairy Wool.

Many thanks to Ravelry for providing pattern hosting.


(I’ve resolved to stop apologising for my puns.)


These are a quick knit, and yet again – no seaming!

One pattern, containing instructions for two sizes of antlers – 80yds of yarn for the small, 130yds for the standard, and two sizes of headband – 90yds for the small, 100yds for the standard.

The larger sized antlers will also ‘plug in’ to the Baalaclava pattern, as a replacement for the horns – the smaller could easily be added to a woolly hat pattern.

The headband can be worn either under the chin, or behind the neck, depending on preference. The small headband will fit from toddler to pre-teen (and if used as a headband tied behind the neck, even a smaller adult head). The large headband fits pre-teen and up.


It’s another 4mm needle, aran weight yarn pattern – you can use pipe cleaners to make the antlers poseable if you’re so inclined, and there’s the option to stuff the headband (or you could use it as a cover for a readymade alice band and omit the I-cord/button fastening).

Techniques used in the pattern include knitting in the round, picking up and knitting stitches, I-cord, and grafting.

The pattern is a PDF download, via my ravelry shop – you don’t need to be a member of ravelry.com to buy it – and payment is via Paypal, for which you will need a Paypal account.

Price £3.00 GBP – Paypal will make the conversion from other currencies automatically.



Well, this is what I’ve been up to…


And I’m sorry, but I’m a sucker for a good pun.

This pattern is entirely seamless – the ears are worked by picking up stitches, and there’s a little grafting at the front – instructions for which are given in the pattern.

As per my previous mask patterns, I’ve used an aran weight yarn with 4mm needles. The pattern gives two sizes – standard (19″ to 23″) and extra large (24″ and up).

PDF download courtesy of Ravelry.com, payment via Paypal as usual – click the button below to buy –

£3.50 GBP