Squamous and eldritch…

..no, not my feet.

The Bokaclava’s started something. I had intended something a little less daft – a lacy something-or-other, a pair of gloves, something a bit nice (no, really) as my next project – but somehow these jumped the queue.

Another two peculiarclavas, the Cthulhuclava and the Dracoclava. Available as ravelry downloads for the princely sum of £3.50 (GBP) apiece, they’re constructed along similar lines to the Bokaclava (with a little I-cord work thrown in for good measure) and also knit with aran weight yarn on 4mm double pointed needles.

PICT0221Click here to buy downloadable PDF of the Cthulhuclava

Click here to buy downloadable PDF of the Dracoclava

I’m currently working on a pattern for a pair of webbed claw gloves, for the Old One that loves to accessorise – it’ll be a free pattern, and hopefully will be up in the next few days.

Email aminspace(at)gmail.com with enquiries if you are interested in ordering a balaclava ready-handknit by me. Various colours available.


13 thoughts on “Squamous and eldritch…

  1. michellefondle

    I just downloaded the Bokaclava for my husband who is an Iron worker (high steel construction) he wears balaclavas to work all the time and I have knitted him some funny ones with clown faces and old man faces on them. All his workmates ask if I would knit them some fun ones too. they want super heros and scary things. THIS one will be a great hit! I’m making it for Husband for Christmas. When I finish, I may go for the Dracoclava. You have a very unique talent! —Michelle

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