If you’re returning here, this is still the same blog, it’s just had a bit of a reshuffle since the launch of my etsy shop, spilikins. Everything here is still where it used to be, so if you had anything bookmarked there’s no need to worry, they’ll still work!

My blog started out as a personal record of my gardening and my knitting – but it has evolved into much more besides. There’s the spinning, for starters – and of course the patterns. And now, just over ten years later, I’ve opened my shop.

Why Spilikins? It’s another name for the game also known as pick-up-sticks, jackstraws, or mikado, depending on who you ask, and involves lots of pointy sticks! (Originally, it was the word used to describe the little sticks used to play cribbage, but was presumably borrowed). It’s sometimes spelled with a double L, but I thought the single L made for a more visually appealing word – it’s all balanced! And that missing letter seems to make it a spikier word, which makes me happy.

My blog is titled ‘things and ideas’ because I’m a fan of weird old TV shows, and a fan of Rod Serling, and it’s from the opening spiel over the credits of The Twilight Zone (60s version) during the later seasons. I suppose I could’ve called it Rod Serling Rocks! but I suspect that would’ve been even more confusing for potential readers.

(I guess it was inevitable that the patterns have taken the turn that they have, under the circumstances.)

If you want to contact me via email, the address is aminspaceATgmailDOTcom . Replace the AT with an @ and the DOT with a dot, and you’re laughing. (That’s a vague attempt to stop my email getting spammed into next week.)

If you want to say hi to me on ravelry, I’m aminspace there, too!

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