genesis of the jumpers…

Well, a six month gap between posts is, I suppose, some kind of improvement in my current posting habits – I do have much easier access to a ‘proper’ computer now, which obviously helps. And I have an FO, and a couple of new WIPs, also helpful if I don’t want to just waffle on about nothing in particular.

The FO in question is the Drops Wonder Wave cardi, which turned out rather well, eventually –


It was a relaxing, enjoyable and easy knit for the most part, aside from a few mistakes caused by not paying attention (I was lulled into a false sense of security by feather and fan). There was a mishap on its second wash with some superconcentrated laundry gel, leaving it with a small patch at the front which, in certain lights, I can tell has changed shade very slightly from the rest of the fabric (the lighting in this photo makes it look like the whole garment is two tone – it’s just the effect of sunlight, it’s not actually that/those colours). Everyone else says it’s fine/not even noticeable, but I’m still annoyed – particularly as I’d made sure the stuff had gone in the washer drawer, as the gel bottle instructed, rather than sticking it into one of those washballs as usual and putting it in the drum. Anyway, no use worrying about it now  (and it might not actually be so much of an issue from now on, as we’re now the proud owners of a brand new and shiny machine which should in theory be much, much better than the old one, and which apparently premixes the detergent).

Wavy cardi out of the way, I’ve started work on my mysterious Who jumper, hence the peculiar blog post title – it’s my attempt at recreating the jumper Sarah Jane Smith wears for much of Genesis of the Daleks (and the previous serial, The Sontaran Experiment, which I suppose might also lend itself well as a title, but GotD won because it has daleks, and Davros, but more to the point, it has Nyder). The geometric design on it is, I think, really lovely. It even reminds me slightly of a cover illustration for The Hobbit that I remember from years ago, as a bonus. Transcribing the motif itself proved not too tricky, though I have found that as I decided to knit in the round, the fact that the design only appears at the front of the jumper has meant lots and lots of ends at either side of it. I was finding it hard to tell how well I’d tensioned my stranding, so after finishing the bottom motif, I sat and did a bit of weaving in. (I knitted in the tail ends of them, so it only meant one side of it to weave in, but it still took a while. I’m kind of glad I didn’t leave it until I’d finished, and intend to do the same after the top motif, so that when I reach the neckline, job done.)


This photo was taken just before I did all the weaving – I’ve since knit a few more inches of the plain stockinette, and think I’ve probably got enough length in it now to begin the top motif, which I think should probably start an inch or two below the underarm. I haven’t started the second bout of stranding yet, but I’ve made a start on the first sleeve in the meantime, at least until I feel like something a bit less stockinettey.

This, I think, is where it’ll get properly tricky. I’ve only ever knit one contiguous sleeve jumper, and that was top down (and in aran yarn rather than DK), so that could prove ‘interesting’.

In the background, you can see most of the colourway of my other current Who knit, another nice knit-knit-knit piece in the form of a long, long overdue long, long scarf, because I decided it really was about time I made a Fourth Doctor scarf. It’s season 13 (because that season is husband’s favourite, and y’know, the one with Seeds of Doom in it), and while on that photo I’ve knit about twenty rows, thanks to being fairly poorly recently and not being up to much other than sitting about I’m currently about two hundred rows in. Now, my childhood favourite (in that it contains most of the episodes I remembered, and all of my favourite companions – yes, including Adric) is season 18, and so personally, I’d love a season 18 scarf. It also happens to be a beautiful colour, and chenille, however… according to the site, appropriate yarn is notoriously difficult to source. Now, I won’t say that I’m 100% happy with the colours I managed to get for the s13 I’m knitting, but they’re pretty good – however, getting to that point did take some time, and I battled constantly with going batty over it for most if not all of that time. So that news is less than ideal, shall we say?

Whilst perusing the s18 page I also discovered a facebook group that is, I think, likely to become yet another place for me to spend an hour or two when I should probably be doing something less frivolous. Hopefully I’ll be updating here soon with a much longer scarf picture – I’ve realised that if I take photos while I’m knitting I’m more inclined to finish my blog posts before they become hopelessly out of date. I’ve got Big Plans for Christmas Knitting in my head too (well, maybe medium sized plans, but still), we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping that writing it out loud, as it were, might give me more of an incentive to actually produce something, though I’m probably not going to be too specific, as aside from the stockings I mentioned in my last post, some of the may end up as gifts – this might work against the bucking-up-your-ideas plan, mind you…


a quick update

A two and a nearly-half year hiatus later, and would you believe I finally have some knitting to talk about?!

I did complete the cardigan I was knitting almost a million years ago for my younger daughter Heidi, eventually… but she declared it too itchy to wear (it was RYC Cashsoft something or other, I think the angora or something tickled her). Her best friend, however, thought it was great, and so we gave the cardi to her. I’ll have to chase her up for a picture of the finished article though, as I neglected to take one before handing it over – you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s done!

Heidi was a little sad that she’d relinquished the special cardi that I’d made just for her, so to cheer her up I suggested she pick out a pattern from ravelry that she liked, and advised her to maybe pick something in cotton, which would (hopefully) not tickle her quite so much. She opted for a little short sleeved bolero-type jacket, with a feather and fan lace pattern – DROPS Design Wonder Wave.

It’s going reasonably well, I found the specific yarn at Wool Warehouse for a fabulous price, though she went for pink (not a surprise) rather than lilac. A nice easy knit so far, one row of patterning, two rows of knitting, one row of purling – good tv knitting.


At the same time, I ordered yarn for my next Me project, which involves stranded knitting and Doctor Who, and which I’ve charted for but I’m not going to say any more than that just now. I need to work out whether or not the joy of topdown sweater construction involving contiguous sleeves (which is a new discovery for me, and which I can only describe as a revelation) outweighs the fact that any stranded work done using this method will involve the stitches appearing to be UPSIDE DOWN (twitch).

Which rather neatly brings me to my recent FO the jumper I blogged waaaaay back here. After sewing it together I wasn’t happy. The underarms bugged me. It wasn’t quite right. And so I undid it, with the intention of reknitting bits to see if I could fix it, but the reality was that it stayed in a bag for slightly over five years, niggling me every time I rummaged through my stash that such a beautiful yarn was, frankly, languishing and neglected, and needed revisiting. Aware that I wasn’t even sure that I had enough yarn (particularly after looking at various patterns on ravelry for aran weight jumpers and seeing the yardages given), eventually I decided on a top down sweater pattern thinking that hey, if it was coming up short at least I could crop the sleeves a little, and maybe even reduce the body length… The pattern was for worsted rather than aran weight, and I was lazy and didn’t swatch, so yes, I was lucky but it’s turned out really well, I think.


In fact, I’d say I’m really very pleased with it.



It was an easy, quick knit, overall – once I’d got the previous jumper unravelled, I basically sat and knit half a dozen rows in the evenings, as and when. Took two months from start to finish, just about, including weaving in ends, blocking, and finding buttons and stuff.

Only a couple of other FOs to report in all this time – a pair of socks in Dundee United colours that I don’t believe I took a photo of before posting them away for Christmas, a GIANT christmas stocking that was my first effort, started partly as an attempt at a spot of stashbusting, and then this one, which came out much better –


and then I ran out of time to knit one for each of the other two kids. I’m hoping that between-now-and-Christmas is plenty of time for that, though it has to be said that my track record isn’t 100% so far as getting knitting for the kids done is concerned. The rather splendid pattern I used is called HoHoHo with some obvious tweaks to the charts. A surprisingly easy knit, although the deer chart did require more concentration than I normally have available while watching telly, though much of that got done during a rewatch of Kolchak, which is quality comfort viewing so that was okay.

I suspect that once I’ve finished the bolero for Heidi I’ll have a request from my youngest, who hasn’t had anything knit for him for so long he doesn’t remember it (er, the jacket and booties from here – that sock still looks the same, by the way…). And there’s a kilo of yarn that I bought an age ago that I intend to Deal With (that is, knit into a hoodie, probably striped, which means buying some new, plain, contrast yarn). And there’s also a cotton number I want to try out, plus the laceweight I spun way back in the mists of time… if I haven’t started those christmas stockings by September, somebody give me a nudge, eh?

For anyone who remembers it, the old blog has had a facelift, yes. I’ve used the previous theme, ChaoticSoul, since starting this blog and I felt like it was finally time for a change. I still don’t think I’ve time to tackle building things from scratch, so I had a quick glance at wordpress’ latest themes, and quite liked the look and feel of this one. It still feels as usable as the old one, there’s not too much busy stuff going on, and best of all, it’s called Lovecraft, presumably named after the fabulous author who died 79 years and one day ago, good old H.P. himself. Rather apt, don’t you think?


I wonder what this button does…?

Wow. My blogging has become so infrequent, it seems that every time I log in now wordpress has rejigged its innards and I have to spend a good five minutes peering at stuff to find out how to post.

I gave up trying to find batteries for my camera earlier (despite the fact that I bought a dozen AA rechargeables last christmas, to combat the shortage – but that’s what I get for having a camera that takes the same batteries as Wii remotes), and so the photos for this post have been taken using eldest daughter’s newest shiny acquisition (an Asus HD 7 tablet).

I’m posting mostly to make a mini-queue for seasonal knitting/crafty stuff – there’s a few non-knitting items on there which means I can’t use ravelry for my list, but there’s also the fact that my ravelry queue will just eat up the things I put in it and I might as well not bother. It’s a little out of hand over there.

And no, this isn’t a little early for making a list of christmas crafts. Aside from the fact that it’s a season I particularly like to savour, I need to get a headstart – I do draw the line at September, right enough, but October is definitely *not* early.P_20131004_141619

All this was brought on by a spot of stash-sorting that went on last month. I dug out the terribly-hibernated jumper that I started for my younger daughter far too long ago, and started what I hope will soon be finishing it off – one sleeve was already complete, I’ve completed the second, and then added an extra inch or so to the first (because despite the fact that she’s not a huge kid, she’s certainly grown a little in the last couple of years). Casting off this sleeve is imminent – I’d hoped to get it done last night, but all the kids have come down with superlurgy so that didn’t happen. Then it needs a collar (or hood) and zip (or toggles’n’loops).

(This picture is much bigger if you care to click on it – I’m playing with the wordpress image hosting thing at the moment rather than uploading to flickr as I usually do, and it appears to make a dinky pic by default. I like the text wrapping that’s going on though.)

Whilst digging out this long-ago promised jumper, I also came across the bag of yarn that I spun, and we dyed, and is also destined to become a long-ago promised jumper. The yardage was close to being too little even way back then, so I’m almost certainly going to have to either spin more yarn, buy in some yarn as close to this as I can, or attempt to persuade her she’d rather have a jumper with either no, short, or three-quarter-length sleeves.


And in the foreground… a big lump of leftover acrylic yarn from the molecules I knitted, that I hadn’t a clue what to do with until last month when I stumbled across them and they yelled ‘CHRISTMAS!’ at me (as you might expect from startlingly bright acrylic).

I haven’t knitted anything along the lines of baubles or stockings before (which is what I’m thinking I’ll have a go at, just now)… hopefully I won’t feel like I’ve wasted my time using this rather than yer actual genuine wool, but we’ll see…. I should probably start with some of those tiny baubles first, just in case.

Ta-da.. my handy list of links so far –

  • Baubles, as linked from this rather beautiful blog in a guest post from another Heidi, author of another fab blog (which I can tell I’m also going to spending some time wandering through, now I’ve come across it, even though I can’t read very much of it…)
  • Ice lanterns, from the same blog, this time a guest post from another blog I’m going to have to look at over a coffee soon…

To be frank, the entire Scandinavian Days of Christmas series is something I’m going to keep in mind – these three particularly caught my eye, but the knitted houses and little nisse folk are cute too.. I might get Heidi to see if there’s anything she fancies having a go at. It’s been a few years since we tried making a gingerbread house, and it was from a kit – I’ve never attempted homemade.

Finally – for now – a couple of ravelry stockings –

That’s it for the time being – I’m filing this and future posts under the category ‘christmas crafts’ so they should (theoretically) be nice and easy to find.

In other news, I’m spending the weekend finally building the shed I’ve been trying to get sorted for over a year now, and Saturday also sees the start of my level 2 maths course – have to find something to do to break up the days spent knitting, foraging for evergreens and cooking spicy biscuits with the kids, I suppose…


So much for resolutions! It turns out that the best thing for regular blogging is having something to post about. Which I now do – despite being mad busy with regular-life-stuff, plus trying to sort us out with a ‘new’ (ie, different) car, and currently not even being at home, I’ve been trying out a nifty knitting gadget courtesy of Goddess Jewels


June doesn’t knit, and asked if anyone who did could help out with some pics of her beaded row counter/abacus in action. I thought it looked intriguing and offered my services, so I’ve been taking it out for a bit of a spin –


It’s simple enough to use, and works as described here. This is me knitting to the end of row 9 –


– and switching up the marker for row 10 –


And this is what row 11 looks like, with the first of the teeny tens beads past the stopper beads –


I’ve never had a row counter before (previously keeping track of rows has involved peering at my knitting and checking and rechecking my counting), and I’m getting along with this one just fine. It sits happily on the loop of my circs between rows, mostly sat in my lap so I don’t even know it’s there. It’s light and well put together – no gaps between the rings to catch on anything – and I expect to find it very handy indeed on my next lace project in the hopefully not too distant future.
Thanks June!


I’ve come to the conclusion that my old blogging habits are thoroughly incompatible with my current lifestyle, and I need to create new ones. So – short and sweet if necessary is the order of the day, with photos where possible. It seems I’d lost the purpose of the blog in the first place – as a journal, mostly of my knitting but including other things occasionally. I did try separating off the gardening posts to a separate blog, but the result of *that* seems to have been that gardening posts ceased altogether.

My camera’s charging, which means I can’t take a pic of what I’m currently knitting – two baby cardigans for my niece and nephew (twins!!) – or a progress shot of the cardigan which I’m still knitting for Heidi (though in fairness, that’s more an embarrassing-lack-of-progress shot – thankfully I knit it with plenty of growing room so it’ll still fit, though I need to lengthen a sleeve). Once a week, however short, is my new plan for the blog – so pics will appear then!

I’ve now got 13 months of BSc study under my belt, well into the first bit of level 2 material at this point and facing my first exam for about 16 years, scheduled for the second week of June. And while it took longer than planned to buy and move into our new house (due to the increasingly nervous disposition of bankers) we’ve now been here for almost eight months.


(Heidi says hi.)

Still a fair bit of work to do getting organised, but we’ve a wall full of bookcases and LP/media shelving (a wall of awesome, as my friend Tracy dubbed it) going up hopefully this weekend, so that should make a huge difference to the number of boxes and piles of stuff I’m currently sharing my life with.

The biggest change, of course, is the little bundle of joy that is my new baby son, soon to be ten months old.

radio… silence…

I’ve got that Thomas Dolby song in my head.

Firstly – oops. Massive blog neglect. There are many reasons why this happened, but it’s probably easiest just to say sorry, it’s been hectic and other things got priority.

I’ve been knitting, though not lots, and spinning even less. The blog neglect may well continue (though hopefully not to the extent it has been) as the hectickery looks set to be a feature for at least a few months… I’m a third of the way through the first module on my Open University BSc course, and as well as that we’ll (hopefully) be moving house in a month or so.

So I still haven’t finished dad’s socks –


I still haven’t started Heidi’s multicoloured jumper (I hope that when I do, she hasn’t grown so big that I don’t have enough of the handspun I’ve spun for it). And while her cardie’s come on a bit – it has slightly more than one entire arm now –


it’s still a fair way from being completed.

This is down to my knitting also being derailed by other knitting, related to the other reason why things are likely to remain busy here for a wee while –


Hat pattern, knit in King Cole Merino Aran.

Sweater pattern, knit with Mirasol Yarn Hacho.

Booteeeeeeeees! knit with some ancient leftover Jaeger yarn (4ply, and called Matchmaker, if I remember right).

(Shocking exposure on the hat there – in my defence, I was reduced to using eldest daughter’s camera, as we’re still experiencing a shortage of AA rechargeables round these parts, and hers only takes two, as opposed to the four that mine takes.)

Spacepod #3 is due to arrive in a couple of weeks… do you think that’s enough time to knit a shawl? (And, um, obviously do some proper finishing on both the hat and the sweater, there.)

last post before christmas!

My blog rate has totally slipped. Partly because I’ve been very caught up in thoughts of Christmas this year – last year’s severe weather made me anxious to make sure I got things like presents for the children sorted early. Since my last post I’ve also had a trip down south to visit family, during which the aforementioned photographer’s gloves were handed over – they fit perfectly, and hopefully are now saving my brother-in-law’s not-so-tiny hands from freezing.


As you can see, I abandoned my orginal idea of putting flippy-tops on the thumbs and forefingers – to be perfectly honest with you, whichever way I tried this, they just looked *wrong*.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

Since coming back, my christmas knitting has consisted solely of a pair of Fetching mitts for my sister, on request. I finished the Laminaria off before this – the casting off took me a while (mostly because finding the enthusiasm for that eluded me), and I still haven’t blocked either that or the Aeolian I finished a few months ago, so a mass-blocking session is in order in the new year.

I’ve got about halfway along with my dad’s first sock, so it’s looking likely that he’s not going to be wearing them on christmas morning, sadly. I chose a 4ply wool/nylon blend (Jura by Texere yarns) which I’m knitting on 2.5mm needles, so my progress isn’t terribly fast, and unless I get them done by thursday I’ll have missed the last post. The yarn was held up in (presumably) the christmas post, so it was a couple of extra days before I managed to start on them, and then I had a couple of false starts till I got the right needle (a smaller one than that given by both the manufacturer and ravelry).

Progress has also been slow with the silk I’m spinning – I think I’ve done about 8g total at this point. I’m not sure really how to progress with it, whether to try and do as much as possible as a single skein or whether to stick to more manageable amounts – last time I think I stuck to a maximum of 20g on the spindle per single, so I expect that’s probably what I’ll end up going for this time.

As well as the usual Christmas distractions, I’ve recently enrolled on an Open University course – my course materials arrived last week – and this week we took the plunge and decided to invest some of the money we were given as a wedding gift in a quite honestly magnificent Kenwood kitchen machine (and icecream maker, though that’s had to go back to the shop as it wasn’t the right size one – replacement due any time in the next few days).

It’s all go.