a quick update

A two and a nearly-half year hiatus later, and would you believe I finally have some knitting to talk about?!

I did complete the cardigan I was knitting almost a million years ago for my younger daughter Heidi, eventually… but she declared it too itchy to wear (it was RYC Cashsoft something or other, I think the angora or something tickled her). Her best friend, however, thought it was great, and so we gave the cardi to her. I’ll have to chase her up for a picture of the finished article though, as I neglected to take one before handing it over – you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s done!

Heidi was a little sad that she’d relinquished the special cardi that I’d made just for her, so to cheer her up I suggested she pick out a pattern from ravelry that she liked, and advised her to maybe pick something in cotton, which would (hopefully) not tickle her quite so much. She opted for a little short sleeved bolero-type jacket, with a feather and fan lace pattern – DROPS Design Wonder Wave.

It’s going reasonably well, I found the specific yarn at Wool Warehouse for a fabulous price, though she went for pink (not a surprise) rather than lilac. A nice easy knit so far, one row of patterning, two rows of knitting, one row of purling – good tv knitting.


At the same time, I ordered yarn for my next Me project, which involves stranded knitting and Doctor Who, and which I’ve charted for but I’m not going to say any more than that just now. I need to work out whether or not the joy of topdown sweater construction involving contiguous sleeves (which is a new discovery for me, and which I can only describe as a revelation) outweighs the fact that any stranded work done using this method will involve the stitches appearing to be UPSIDE DOWN (twitch).

Which rather neatly brings me to my recent FO the jumper I blogged waaaaay back here. After sewing it together I wasn’t happy. The underarms bugged me. It wasn’t quite right. And so I undid it, with the intention of reknitting bits to see if I could fix it, but the reality was that it stayed in a bag for slightly over five years, niggling me every time I rummaged through my stash that such a beautiful yarn was, frankly, languishing and neglected, and needed revisiting. Aware that I wasn’t even sure that I had enough yarn (particularly after looking at various patterns on ravelry for aran weight jumpers and seeing the yardages given), eventually I decided on a top down sweater pattern thinking that hey, if it was coming up short at least I could crop the sleeves a little, and maybe even reduce the body length… The pattern was for worsted rather than aran weight, and I was lazy and didn’t swatch, so yes, I was lucky but it’s turned out really well, I think.


In fact, I’d say I’m really very pleased with it.



It was an easy, quick knit, overall – once I’d got the previous jumper unravelled, I basically sat and knit half a dozen rows in the evenings, as and when. Took two months from start to finish, just about, including weaving in ends, blocking, and finding buttons and stuff.

Only a couple of other FOs to report in all this time – a pair of socks in Dundee United colours that I don’t believe I took a photo of before posting them away for Christmas, a GIANT christmas stocking that was my first effort, started partly as an attempt at a spot of stashbusting, and then this one, which came out much better –


and then I ran out of time to knit one for each of the other two kids. I’m hoping that between-now-and-Christmas is plenty of time for that, though it has to be said that my track record isn’t 100% so far as getting knitting for the kids done is concerned. The rather splendid pattern I used is called HoHoHo with some obvious tweaks to the charts. A surprisingly easy knit, although the deer chart did require more concentration than I normally have available while watching telly, though much of that got done during a rewatch of Kolchak, which is quality comfort viewing so that was okay.

I suspect that once I’ve finished the bolero for Heidi I’ll have a request from my youngest, who hasn’t had anything knit for him for so long he doesn’t remember it (er, the jacket and booties from here – that sock still looks the same, by the way…). And there’s a kilo of yarn that I bought an age ago that I intend to Deal With (that is, knit into a hoodie, probably striped, which means buying some new, plain, contrast yarn). And there’s also a cotton number I want to try out, plus the laceweight I spun way back in the mists of time… if I haven’t started those christmas stockings by September, somebody give me a nudge, eh?

For anyone who remembers it, the old blog has had a facelift, yes. I’ve used the previous theme, ChaoticSoul, since starting this blog and I felt like it was finally time for a change. I still don’t think I’ve time to tackle building things from scratch, so I had a quick glance at wordpress’ latest themes, and quite liked the look and feel of this one. It still feels as usable as the old one, there’s not too much busy stuff going on, and best of all, it’s called Lovecraft, presumably named after the fabulous author who died 79 years and one day ago, good old H.P. himself. Rather apt, don’t you think?



2 thoughts on “a quick update

  1. A nice surprise in my email today; I hope you find time in the next 2 or 3 years to write more for us. All your photos are great, but, of course, I am partial to the Cthulhu “hat”. Cheers, and happy 2016!

    1. Happy 2016 to you too! Always heartening to get a comment, it’s very easy to feel like I’m here talking away to myself and forget there are Other People out there. I too hope I find time in the next month to do more blogging, not to mention more knitting and who knows, maybe even a spot of spinning?

      Looking at my photos mostly makes me think I could do with a new camera. My trusty old Minolta bust its battery cover a while back so I’ve been using a tiny canon thing, and it’s really not the same. That side of things has slid too – for a long time, everything was carefully uploaded to flickr – I have so much backing up to do!

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