So much for resolutions! It turns out that the best thing for regular blogging is having something to post about. Which I now do – despite being mad busy with regular-life-stuff, plus trying to sort us out with a ‘new’ (ie, different) car, and currently not even being at home, I’ve been trying out a nifty knitting gadget courtesy of Goddess Jewels


June doesn’t knit, and asked if anyone who did could help out with some pics of her beaded row counter/abacus in action. I thought it looked intriguing and offered my services, so I’ve been taking it out for a bit of a spin –


It’s simple enough to use, and works as described here. This is me knitting to the end of row 9 –


– and switching up the marker for row 10 –


And this is what row 11 looks like, with the first of the teeny tens beads past the stopper beads –


I’ve never had a row counter before (previously keeping track of rows has involved peering at my knitting and checking and rechecking my counting), and I’m getting along with this one just fine. It sits happily on the loop of my circs between rows, mostly sat in my lap so I don’t even know it’s there. It’s light and well put together – no gaps between the rings to catch on anything – and I expect to find it very handy indeed on my next lace project in the hopefully not too distant future.
Thanks June!


2 thoughts on “shiiiny

  1. Anne Shevlin

    Hi can you please tell me what needles these are? They look as if they have long metal bit next of others. Is this the photo making them look long? Have a lovely Xmas & New Year!!


    1. Hi, as far as I remember they’re addi needles, and the length of the metal part is 12.8cm – I’m not sure how that compares with others, they’re certainly the same length as my other addis so it’s possibly just a trick of the photo? Sorry I can’t be more helpful – hope you have a lovely Xmas too!

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