I’ve come to the conclusion that my old blogging habits are thoroughly incompatible with my current lifestyle, and I need to create new ones. So – short and sweet if necessary is the order of the day, with photos where possible. It seems I’d lost the purpose of the blog in the first place – as a journal, mostly of my knitting but including other things occasionally. I did try separating off the gardening posts to a separate blog, but the result of *that* seems to have been that gardening posts ceased altogether.

My camera’s charging, which means I can’t take a pic of what I’m currently knitting – two baby cardigans for my niece and nephew (twins!!) – or a progress shot of the cardigan which I’m still knitting for Heidi (though in fairness, that’s more an embarrassing-lack-of-progress shot – thankfully I knit it with plenty of growing room so it’ll still fit, though I need to lengthen a sleeve). Once a week, however short, is my new plan for the blog – so pics will appear then!

I’ve now got 13 months of BSc study under my belt, well into the first bit of level 2 material at this point and facing my first exam for about 16 years, scheduled for the second week of June. And while it took longer than planned to buy and move into our new house (due to the increasingly nervous disposition of bankers) we’ve now been here for almost eight months.


(Heidi says hi.)

Still a fair bit of work to do getting organised, but we’ve a wall full of bookcases and LP/media shelving (a wall of awesome, as my friend Tracy dubbed it) going up hopefully this weekend, so that should make a huge difference to the number of boxes and piles of stuff I’m currently sharing my life with.

The biggest change, of course, is the little bundle of joy that is my new baby son, soon to be ten months old.


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