radio… silence…

I’ve got that Thomas Dolby song in my head.

Firstly – oops. Massive blog neglect. There are many reasons why this happened, but it’s probably easiest just to say sorry, it’s been hectic and other things got priority.

I’ve been knitting, though not lots, and spinning even less. The blog neglect may well continue (though hopefully not to the extent it has been) as the hectickery looks set to be a feature for at least a few months… I’m a third of the way through the first module on my Open University BSc course, and as well as that we’ll (hopefully) be moving house in a month or so.

So I still haven’t finished dad’s socks –


I still haven’t started Heidi’s multicoloured jumper (I hope that when I do, she hasn’t grown so big that I don’t have enough of the handspun I’ve spun for it). And while her cardie’s come on a bit – it has slightly more than one entire arm now –


it’s still a fair way from being completed.

This is down to my knitting also being derailed by other knitting, related to the other reason why things are likely to remain busy here for a wee while –


Hat pattern, knit in King Cole Merino Aran.

Sweater pattern, knit with Mirasol Yarn Hacho.

Booteeeeeeeees! knit with some ancient leftover Jaeger yarn (4ply, and called Matchmaker, if I remember right).

(Shocking exposure on the hat there – in my defence, I was reduced to using eldest daughter’s camera, as we’re still experiencing a shortage of AA rechargeables round these parts, and hers only takes two, as opposed to the four that mine takes.)

Spacepod #3 is due to arrive in a couple of weeks… do you think that’s enough time to knit a shawl? (And, um, obviously do some proper finishing on both the hat and the sweater, there.)


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