last post before christmas!

My blog rate has totally slipped. Partly because I’ve been very caught up in thoughts of Christmas this year – last year’s severe weather made me anxious to make sure I got things like presents for the children sorted early. Since my last post I’ve also had a trip down south to visit family, during which the aforementioned photographer’s gloves were handed over – they fit perfectly, and hopefully are now saving my brother-in-law’s not-so-tiny hands from freezing.


As you can see, I abandoned my orginal idea of putting flippy-tops on the thumbs and forefingers – to be perfectly honest with you, whichever way I tried this, they just looked *wrong*.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

Since coming back, my christmas knitting has consisted solely of a pair of Fetching mitts for my sister, on request. I finished the Laminaria off before this – the casting off took me a while (mostly because finding the enthusiasm for that eluded me), and I still haven’t blocked either that or the Aeolian I finished a few months ago, so a mass-blocking session is in order in the new year.

I’ve got about halfway along with my dad’s first sock, so it’s looking likely that he’s not going to be wearing them on christmas morning, sadly. I chose a 4ply wool/nylon blend (Jura by Texere yarns) which I’m knitting on 2.5mm needles, so my progress isn’t terribly fast, and unless I get them done by thursday I’ll have missed the last post. The yarn was held up in (presumably) the christmas post, so it was a couple of extra days before I managed to start on them, and then I had a couple of false starts till I got the right needle (a smaller one than that given by both the manufacturer and ravelry).

Progress has also been slow with the silk I’m spinning – I think I’ve done about 8g total at this point. I’m not sure really how to progress with it, whether to try and do as much as possible as a single skein or whether to stick to more manageable amounts – last time I think I stuck to a maximum of 20g on the spindle per single, so I expect that’s probably what I’ll end up going for this time.

As well as the usual Christmas distractions, I’ve recently enrolled on an Open University course – my course materials arrived last week – and this week we took the plunge and decided to invest some of the money we were given as a wedding gift in a quite honestly magnificent Kenwood kitchen machine (and icecream maker, though that’s had to go back to the shop as it wasn’t the right size one – replacement due any time in the next few days).

It’s all go.


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