stocked up!

I’ve not got very much further with any of my projects recently, due in part to a week spent with downright wicked back pain (totally unable to knit, misery), and also to the fact that I just didn’t have the stuff I needed to continue with them. Firstly there was the issue of not having enough beads for my Aeolian, just a row and a half from the end. I turned to the cardigan I’d been knitting for my youngest and finished both fronts and seamed the shoulders only to find, when it came to picking up stitches around the armholes for the sleeves, that I had neither double pointed needles nor circulars in the same size as the straights I’d been using up to that point.

I also completed the final skein of the shetland for her *other* jumper, but had no dye to move to the next stage of the project.

I’m terrible for overdeliberating when it comes to spending money, but faced with the prospect of beginning yet another project (I don’t like to have too many on the go – I can hear them nag me), I knuckled down, opened my purse, and bought my much needed supplies.

First up – the beads. Now the packet of beads I originally bought had no code or description of any sort (other than their size), so I had to resort to peering at photos on the internet, and crossing my fingers. In the end I ordered a pack of noir-lined crystal, as they seemed closest to the clear-with-iridescent-lining ones I already had. Here they are in my little pot –


and here they are on the knitting –


The two beads in the top left of the picture are the new ones. They’re a little more vivid, with a tad more of a blue tinge to them, than the new ones. Not wildly so, but as the changeover happens just *one* repeat from the end of the second-to-last row I suspect I might find myself wanting to tink back to the beginning of that row and replace the lot.

Here’s the cardie, with the armhole picked up using a 2.5mm circ I had lying about (it’s next to useless – a cheapy £1 needle from Lidl that I bought on the offchance, it has a horrible grating quality and a too-short, barely flexible cable), and my new 3.25mm Addis from ebay –


As far as the dyeing project goes, I threw out the idea of using natural dyes. The dyes themselves maybe natural, but the exhaust left behind (containing the remaining mordant) is fairly toxic. There were other considerations too, but long-story-short, in the end I decided to go with acid dyes – asking about on ravelry, it came down to a choice of Kemtex, Landscape, DebbieT’s Hue and Dye range or – as I’ve used previously and have since been assured they’re pretty colourfast – food dyes.

In the end I went with Landscape dyes from Wingham Wool Works, as I only needed a very small amount and they were the best value for money. Nice colours, too –


I picked a red, a yellow and a blue – the 15g packs will dye more than I need anyway, so I think I’ll be able to make some attempt at blending – a green, and then possibly an orange and a purple if necessary. (I succumbed to a 100g bag of mulberry silk tops while I was at it, as it was such a good price…)

I still need to do my sums in terms of figuring out what amount I need of the various colours, so at the moment I’m doing that, trawling ravelry for inspiration, and dividing a few of my skeins into 25g ones.

And seeing as it seems I’m never going to get round to giving my wedding veil a proper post of its own, here we go –


My hubby’s sister took this photo, it’s a lovely view from the back. And our professional photography was done by my sister’s hubby, Daniel, who took these –




This was our venue, incidentally – Blair Castle, in Perthshire


More specifically, our ceremony took place in the disused church in the grounds, St Bride’s Kirk –


It has no roof, no windows and no door, but fortunately Scottish law allows outdoor weddings. (We did have a backup rain plan, inside the castle, and very nearly ended up using it!)


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