almost there…

I’ve just finished plying skein #6, which leaves one to go! I didn’t quite have 100g left for my last two skeins, so I’ve divided what I did have into two – this skein has come out at around 45g/102yds. (Skein #5 was 52g/110yds.)


I’m just away to start #7, so I need to start thinking about how I’m going to dye them, and then order some dyes – I don’t think I’ll be using food colouring as I have with all my previous efforts, as I want to be as confident as I can be that the colours are fast (particularly as I have a stranded project in mind, it wouldn’t do to have all the colours run into one another the first time I washed it!). I’m just not sure what route to go down – I quite fancy having a bash with natural dyes, which will mean a fair bit of reading up, not to mention sourcing of bits and bobs. I do at least now have a spare saucepan that I can solely dedicate to dyeing, as we got a set of new ones as a wedding present!

I’ve stalled on my Aeolian shawl, with approximately three and a half rows to go, as I have realised that what I feared has come to pass, and I’m not going to have enough beads to finish. I’m searching about now for some replacements, but to be honest, I was finding the constant beading in these last rows a little less than satisfying, so I’m having a break anyway. I just can’t get a rhythm going, you know? I have to say, I’m short by about 40 or so beads, which is at least the amount that must’ve been lost due to various mishaps along the way. Oops.

Anyway. I have, instead, turned to working on the cardigan I started for my youngest absolutely aaages ago (luckily, when I started it I knew this would happen, and cast on for a size considerably larger than she was at the time).


It’s an on-the-fly top-of-my-head pattern, so we’ll see how it turns out – the yarn is lovely, it’s a 4ply RYC cashmere/cotton blend in ‘Carrot’, which I bought from John Lewis in one of their sales a couple of years ago. There were only 5 of them, and 5 in ‘Wheat’ – I’d originally considered a stripey sweater for my eldest, but being unsure as to whether I’d have enough even with the 10 of them (and unsure of how the stripey thing would be received), I’ve decided instead to go for a couple of smaller, one colour projects with the yarn.

I’m still in the process of uploading our many, many wedding photos to flickr (being as far from the telephone exchange as we are, and in a no-cable zone, my upload speed is pitiful) – but once I have, I’ll fish out the best veil pics and post them – hopefully that’ll be my next post!


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