a little lesson

Four skeins in!

Well, that’s four under my belt now, I should really be further along than this but for two things – firstly we were away for the whole of last week, visiting family (and collecting wedding photos, including some corkers of my veil, but I’ve still to organise them so they’ll have to wait till my next post) – and secondly, the week before that, I spent about four days battling a blinding headache that just refused to go away.

I did a little bit of spinning when it was starting to ease (it morphed into neck/backache), and the resulting fourth skein is, I have to say, not terribly good. It’s not massively noticeable when you look at it, but it’s a good few yards shorter – it’s definitely not as lofty, either. Weighing it, measuring it, and doing the maths, 1g measures about 2.1yds, rather than the 2.4 I’m aiming for. That said, skein #2 came in at 2.6yds/g.

Skein #3 made me happy, it’s bouncy, and 120yds/50g.

Thankfully, the wpi of all these skeins seems to be very close, which is something. I’ll just have to see what happens when I swatch.

(You may have noticed I’m the proud owner of a cobbled-together niddynoddy. It cost me something like 5 pounds in total courtesy of B&Q – not counting the couple of quid I spent on a hacksaw, but I needed one of those after my last one fell to bits. A bit of googling and gleaning from various diy runthroughs and I ended up with this. The attractive stripey insulating tape is there to provide a bit of extra grip on the pipes, as they’re the sort that – presumably – you’d have to glue together. Without it they just fall out, ha. It does still dismantle should I need it to, this way.

It should come as no surprise to learn that it does work much better than wrapping my yarn round the pouffe.)


2 thoughts on “a little lesson

  1. Your skeins look great and I love your niddy noddy! Do you mind if I use it for inspiration? I just treated myself to a WooLee Winder and don’t have budget for a new piece of equipment 🙂

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