a little bit of knitting

Well, that’s been another relatively hectic month. There were a couple of weeks after the wedding of getting back to normal, and then last weekend saw wedding bash #2, so that was a week or so of being away, and planning, and partying, and coming home again.

Which means I still haven’t got round to blocking the Laminaria that I finished sometime in April or May, but I have finally got round to taking a ‘before’ photo.


It’s my home-dyed handspun (yarn blogged here, fibre blogged here). I’m hoping to get round to blocking this at some point this week, though I’ve also got a pile of gardening and vists-to-the-tip-with-spare-room-clutter to be getting on with, so we’ll see. It does also have a ravelry page, which is here.

And I enjoyed the Laminaria so much (aside from that cast on – all that slip-stitch stuff with tiny yarn did drive me a little bit mad) that I’ve cast on an Aeolian (cast on for which also turned the air blue – though once I got that done, I went back to enjoying myself) –


It has beeeeeads. The yarn is more handspun, blogged here, among other places. (I see that post is from the Tour de Fleece, which sadly I haven’t taken part in this year due to my being so preoccupied with matrimonial stuff.) The yarn seems not quite so soft as it did in the skein – parts of it are defintely a bit wiry and overspun – but overall it’s pretty nice to knit with. I know I started spinning it a good couple of years ago, so I can at least tell that my fine spinning has improved somewhat.

Also… I may not have enough beads. But I’m not going to let that get to me. I’m not likely to be nipping back to the shop I bought them from (in Nairn), but they don’t look terribly rare or hard to substitute/supplement, being just clear beads with a kind of iridescent lining. So long as I don’t lose any more of them to mishaps with small children I should be ok, I think.


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