post-nuptial post!

A full week post-nuptial, in fact – we were utterly without broadband for the whole of last week, but I’m back home now and reconnected to the virtual world.

My choice for a knit did finally happen, and here’s a blurry dark bedroom shot (for some idea of scale, the tiny feet in the top right corner belong to my four year old daughter) –


and a barely visible blocking shot –


Hopefully I’ll have some nice pics of me actually wearing it at some point in the next few weeks when we get the wedding photos back from our photographer.

I was inspired by megknitficent’s Spanish Peacock shawl, but didn’t have the pattern book that comes from – I did however notice that the Stor Rund Dug pattern on is the same pattern, minus the edging. As it turned out I wouldn’t have had time for an edging anyway, so that was fine. I used all of my first skein of laceweight plus about 3g of the second, so it weighs a grand total of 41 grams!

Finally, here’s one of the castle’s occupants, and one of the reasons I chose the pattern I did –




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