Picking up speed..

Two posts in a month! (Just.) But I do have something to write, which always helps – first, I finished up the 3ply I was spinning – it’s merino fibre from Texere yarns, in their ‘petrol’ colourway (it’s more teal than it appears in this photo).


I’ve spun it as a complementary solid to this yarn, hoping to do some colourwork something or other with them –


(you can see a touch of the petrol fibre in one of the plies in that photo). And I’m pleased to report that it came out at 12 wpi, or sport weight, too –


I think it’s a little loftier than the first yarn, though it’s hard to say without weighing it, which I can’t do until I get another battery for my scales. It definitely feels bouncier, though, which is not a bad thing (though it’s a shame I didn’t manage to get the bounce in the first one!).

I’m also possibly finished with the first 50g of the silk I’m spinning – again, I need to wait until my scales are working until I can find out how far I’ve got.


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