It’s all go..

..uh, except for on the blog.

Fibrewise, I’m spinning and knitting. The spinning, well, that’s the silk that I began before christmas, then abandoned, partly due to christmas knits and partly because I started to think a shawl wouldn’t work with my dress…. I’ve decided to start up again anyway, knit something and then see what it’s like – still not sure what exactly but that’s okay as I’m currently only a few grams into the second 25g (I decided to spin it up in two 50g skeins, so that I might have some idea of final yardage, but also so I could make a start on the knitting asap as it’s just under 3 months to the wedding now).

This is the first single –




It’s now wound off onto a toilet roll middle, waiting for the next 25g to be spun up. Looks like it’ll be quite a fine laceweight – not sure it’ll qualify as cobweb, but we’ll see. (I did attempt to estimate the yardage of that single whilst winding it off the spindle, by keeping count of the number of winds around the toilet roll, so I could do some sums. For every hundred winds, I marked a 1 on a Notepad file… there was, um, a mishap with a delete-key-happy youngster though, and that was that.) If it’s on the heavier side it may just become a bolero/shrug type thing – the dress I went with does have an accompanying bolero that stores sell with it (I don’t have it, though), so I’m assuming that if I get the right pattern that’ll work.

My knitting project’s going strong, though I’m still a way from thinking I’ve nearly finished it. This is the only pic I have of what’s been occurring –


There was, however, a little rethinking, unknitting, and reknitting after that picture was taken.

Non-fibre related busy-ness is mostly revolving around wedding planning, though there’s a little garden planning afoot too – there’d be a bit of gardening if the weather would just settle down a little, today we had sun, rain, hail, sleet and snow, all accompanied with strong wind – not really conducive to hanging about outside for any length of time.

Still, I feel better about staying indoors with the fluff when it’s like that, so it’s all good.


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