How long?!

Ah. I didn’t realise it’d been over a month since my last update, but that’s some indication of the month I’ve had.

Firstly, my almost-finished jumper was not what it seemed. I put a collar on it, blocked it, seamed it – and was not happy with the fit. There was… extra material, around the armpit area. It was at this point that I realised that I have never actually knit a sweater for myself . I’ve successfully knit sweaters for others, but (and it’s a big but) they were others for whom a bust didn’t have to be taken into account.

So it’s gone back into the bag from whence it came for the foreseeable. I’m disappointed, but I can’t settle for less with this yarn – it’s lovely stuff and, well, it cost me a packet, so I want to feel like I’ve done it justice rather than a disservice. I’m not sure how often I can get away with frogging it either, with it being a soft single.

The spinning’s gone better – though it was disrupted, shortly after my last post, by my ‘new’ car developing an intermittent fault that became less intermittent. Diagnosis was tricky, what with the intermittentness (I’m pretending that’s a word), but it turned out to be the rotor arm. Nice simple cheap repair – shame it took three weeks to find! I’m indebted to my dad – yet again – for coming up and helping me push it down the road (and tow it back up again) several times, and join me in the headscratching and worrying and fixing.

And the last couple of weeks have been a bit mad due to our Extreme Weather –


(That’s my car on the right there… a couple of days after I fixed it.)

I realise that in many parts of the world, this weather could be considered far from extreme, but it was the sort of weather that generally turns up later in the winter than it did, and it was a lot of weather all in one go, which threw everyone.

Today we seem to be experiencing what I can only describe as ‘thaw’, for which I’m thankful (though apparently, it’s going to turn cold again in a day or two).

I’ve achieved *something* in all of this – my ongoing cardigan for the littlest has progressed a little, and I finished the variegated 3ply –


and another pic, as I’m quite chuffed about it –


even though it’s bigger than I intended. (I’d hoped for fingering weight, and this is probably more like sport, at 12wpi. There’s 91g of it, measuring 271yds.) This in itself is novel, as generally my yarn comes out thinner, so I’m not considering that a complete fail… I’m into the third single on my complementary teal/blue skein now, though I don’t have a photo of that as yet.

I’ve hardly worked on my spindle of laceweight silk. This due initially to working on the car – oily greasemonkey hands and white mulberry silk are not mixy things. And partly due to my sister offering to buy me a looong veil, in which case I won’t need a knit one, and which I can’t see working with a shawl/stole. (And partly due to not being in the mood, in all honesty.)

The small one’s cardi is on hold temporarily. I’m knitting a woolly hat for my other half – that’s how cold it is, he’s never been a hat wearer in all the years I’ve known him – and I’m trying to source some yarn for a couple of gifts for family for christmas.

And right now, I’m off out to find a christmas tree.


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