After a longish break from my spinning, I’ve returned with a vengeance – and some resolutions.

I want to get the variegated 3ply that I had in mind – and its complementary teal solid – spun up and knit into gloves before it gets much colder. I’m aiming for fingering weight, hoping to get all the spinning done in the next week or so. I’ve finished the first single (and no, I didn’t notice what is presumably a guard hair sticking out from that tp roll when I took that photo) –


33g, and roughly 330yds – and I’m just about halfway through the second –


Apologies for the dark photos, it’s November in Scotland, and today was extra rainy.

As well as this, I want to spin up the mulberry silk that I bought in summer in time to knit myself something really special for my wedding. I’m spinning this on my spindle – when I started this, weeks ago, I really struggled with the drafting, and put it to one side, frustrated. Somehow, picking it back up again, I’ve managed to get my head/hands around the longer staple length of the silk, and I’m doing much better. I’ve done a couple of grams –




For some sense of perspective, the whorl in the top picture is about an inch and threequarters across.

So I’m spinning this teenytiny, to get a fine laceweight 2ply, and aiming to get through about 1g a day in order to get the 100g I have spun up by early next year, to give me plenty of time for knitting – the wedding’s at the start of June. I’ve no idea how many yards it will yield, so I’m just going to eye up a lot of patterns in the meantime (or possibly design my own). I’ve just had a small peacock-flavoured brainwave though – I’m considering using peacock feathers for buttonholes, and peacocks on our stationery, as our wedding venue has peacocks roaming around about it.

I’ve got a fair bit further with my jumper knitting –


It’s not as ‘done’ as it looks – I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just worked from the memory of an old favourite jumper, so I had no idea of how much yarn it’d take. With this in mind, I knit the jumper as short as I could cope with, and the beginning of the neck as high as I could cope with, and cast off both the front and back with the intention of possibly undoing the cast on edge and knitting further up, resulting in a slightly longer jumper with a slightly lower neckline. All so I didn’t end up having to knit threequarter length sleeves, which – in my opinion – are a bit useless for a winter jumper. (I didn’t have my digital scales when I started this project, sadly – they would’ve made things a *lot* easier.)

As it turns out, I finished both sleeves, full length, with a skein of my yarn still left, so I’m going to knit another inch onto the front and back. If I’m lucky I’ll have enough left over to make a matching hat, which might be a bit naff, but hey, it’s merino/alpaca/silk, I’m not going to let it languish in a remnants bag!


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