Cold hands, warm heart

Bit of an update on the mittens I’m knitting for my sister’s father-in-law, which are pretty similar to the ones I knit way back when I first started this blog, though they’re just plain stockinette, as opposed to Fetchingesque.


They’re going to be fingerless mittens with a flip-top lid. I’ve no more recent picture than this one, taken just before I did the knit bit of pick-up-and-knit, yesterday.


We’ve been out and about today – it’s been quite summery up here for September, so we took the kids out for a wander up the canal, and picked a couple of pounds of blackberries (bonus). Still, I’m almost at the end of the flip-top mitt bit (I got to this point last night, but ripped it out due to a nasty case of stockinette curl along the made stitches – a bit of 3×1 rib has cured that). Hopefully mitten number two will go quicker, as I’ll have done, and redone, all the tricky bits once already, and then I can move onto the socks and Joe’s hands – and feet – won’t be so cold.

I’m sure his heart will stay as warm, though.


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