One Tour leads to another…

Well, my Tour de Fleece finish wasn’t quite what I’d planned (unsurprisingly). After a little reading, I decided to abandon the corespinning – I’ll return to that when I feel I’ve got the basics down a little better.. probably – and opted to work on a 3ply that will hopefully become a colourwork piece at some point. This is how much I’d managed to complete by the end of the last day –


And while it’s almost finished, I’m still working on this first single as we’ve been away camping for the last week or so, only returning on Friday night. We spent half of our camping holiday up at Findhorn, and visited the Black Isle, where I took a few pics of Pictish stones, among other things… I didn’t make it round to Nigg, sadly, but I did get as far as Rosemarkie and the Groam House Museum which houses, among other things, the Rosemarkie Stone.


which is mighty impressive, and taller than it appears to be in this photo.

They also had spindle whorls in their collection –


I don’t really have any more knitting to show.. I’ve started a cardigan for the little one, and I’m onto the arm of my sweater, but I’ve no photos because, well, they’re only a few rows along. I took all my knitting with me but to be honest, not much knitting happened – by the time the kids were settled it’d got pretty dark and I’d had a bottle or two of beer, and I was wise enough to leave my knitting in its bag.


2 thoughts on “One Tour leads to another…

  1. Well done you! That looks amazing, what ambition. I cannot imagine spinning my own yarn and it certainly wouldn’t turn out like yours. I joined “Ravelry” today and was attracted to the (yours) East Dunbartonshire post. My home town is in that area where I was born and brought up and still visit frequently. I now live in Canada. I was also interested in your Findhorn experience as it is on my places to visit. Good luck with the spinning- your miles ahead already.

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