Almost there…

Day 22 of the Tour de Fleece? Already?

It’s been a while since I recorded my progress here, and it looks like I don’t have a lot to show, but my goodness, the lace. I finally got the last of my second single spun on Friday, and spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday plying. Now, I did manage to pick up a throat infection last week, which you might think slowed me up a little, but truth be told it gave me the opportunity to sit about doing little more than plying, which normally wouldn’t happen. Those three days were a busy three days – I’m very pleased with the finished result.


90g/978 yards of 42 wpi laceweight, spun from bluefaced leicester wool tops from

Now, I *did* start out with 100g of fibre, and this –


is the main reason I’ll be spinning lace on my spindle from now on – 7g of snapped singles. (I think the other 3g must have ended up in the hoover?!)

Tuesday and Wednesday I did a little spinning towards my challenge day (and caught up with the housework and shopping that I couldn’t face at the weekend), and yesterday I plied and washed this little beauty –


Which might not look like much – and indeed, it’s only 9g/23 yds, so I’m not getting a jumper out of that – but it’s worsted, which I do struggle to make, so I’m happy with my results for challenge day.

Today’s spinning will be limited to this evening, and I’d contemplated doing some spinning towards a colourwork project. I think I want to make some mittens, with a variegated and a complimentary solid yarn, but as we’re going to be away again tomorrow and overnight, there’s no way I’d get that done in time for the end of the Tour and be happy with the results. I’m going to instead work on a thick/thin single and attempt a little corespinning, plying on the final day. This means I can either try and whip up a high twist single on the spindle while I’m away, or source a decent thread for the same purpose.

But right now, I’m off up the allotment to lift my shallots!


7 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. monbouton

    your yarns look great, and the 3 g in the hoover reminded me of what happens here 🙂
    I particularly love your 90 g of laceweight, if I understand correctly you spun it on a spindle, am I right ? I have many snapped singles too on the wheel, and it annoys me very much to have to attach them back again on the bobin – spinning is supposed to be relaxing no ?

    1. Thanks!

      I did the 90g of lace on the wheel – generally, when my singles have snapped, it’s because I’ve let them get a bit too fine, and so I don’t tend to have the patience to try and re-attach them, and off they go into the sulky pile of snapped stuff.

      Hence the resolution to keep all future laceweights to my spindle – at least, the very finest ones. With the spindle I find it it doesn’t really happen.

      And you’re right – spinning should be relaxing! I don’t mind challenging, but I don’t want to feel continually frustrated like that.

    2. Hi, I read your blog just before I went away, and saw you’d given me a button and an award! Thank you so much for that. I was just coming over to yours to say thank you in the comments, but noticed you’ve changed the privacy settings, so I’ll say thank you very much from here, you’re too kind! 🙂 The other blogs you marked certainly were very beautiful.

  2. Hi there,
    I found your wonderful wedding shawl story, Stor Rund Dug, and pattern this afternoon while surfing for wedding shawls.
    My daughter is a violinist in Sydney and has just become engaged to a double bass player (also living in Sydney)
    I had always assumed I would be making her wedding dress but the distance and time restrictions make that a little difficult so I’ve now promised to knit/tat or crochet a wedding shawl.
    I’ve been spinning since the 1970s and the yarn I spin is getting finer and finer (my three ply is about the equivalent of commercial 6ply)

    I have three treadle spinning wheels – one a Swedish Antique wheel which was originally made for spinning flax (or silk) and an Ashford wheel I’ve had since 1973. I also have an electric spinning machine but it’s not suitable for spinning silk even though I can spin fine wool on it.

    A week ago I purchased another treadle wheel – also Swedish – which I’ve been told is ideal for silk so I’m back to the idea of spinning the silk and knitting it for the wedding shawl. I’ve also purchased enough silk ‘tops’ ready for pre-drafting and then spinning.

    I’ve downloaded the pattern and am now seeking permission to use it for my daughter’s wedding shawl.

    One question – what sized needles did you use for your shawl?


    1. Hi Ainslie,

      I used a long 4mm circular needle – ended up using just shy of 1000yds of handspun for the shawl/veil. Who are you asking permission from – other than your daughter, I’m sure there’ll be no objection to it. (It’s an old traditional pattern, so far as I understand it, and as you won’t be selling it anyway you should be fine.) The pattern itself has been knit many times, by many people, on ravelry.

      Lots of luck with the spinning!

      1. Hi again,
        I thought maybe the veil might have been a pattern you owned so was just being careful about asking if I could use it! I’ve been surfing knitting sites off and on and there have been quite a few which have copyright symbols or notices about designs not being copied without the site owner’s permission. I thought I should err on the side of caution – and ask first!! As for permission from my daughter to make the shawl, I told her way back in her teens that if she ever married I’d be happy to make the wedding dress (as I love sewing and have been making up Vogue patterns since I was in my late teens but about five or six years ago I made friends with a lady who owns a select fabric shop and began buying material from her for my dressmaking projects. She and a friend of hers who has been the wardrobe mistress for the Sth Australian Theatre Company set up a class for home dressmakers to learn how to draft their own patterns and I signed up for that. The class is small due to the size of the workroom but I’m still going along and love the chance to make up clothes that I like and that fir me properly, but the teacher was most adamant that she was not teaching us how to make clothes for others and made us promise NOT TO take on the job of making a wedding dress for our daughters (experience has taught Robyn that this leads to a lot more stress for both the bride to be and the mother of the bride!!! Seeing Heloise is really busy it meant she would need to come home for me to get her measurements correct and then return a few times for fittings of the dress so when I put that idea to her she decided it would be better to have the dress made in Sydney after all – as for the wedding shawl idea – Heloise thought that was a wonderful idea so I’ve printed out your photos to show her when I travel over to Sydney in a couple of weeks time for the engagement party. Cheers Ainslie.

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