Three and fourpence

Spinning yesterday was pretty minimal – ten minutes or so with the spindle after we arrived back home. There were other spinning-based activities yesterday however…

After seeing everyone else’s wonderfully colourful projects over on ravelry, I was starting to find my bags of natural bfl and shetland sliver were looking, dare I say it, a bit dull. So… I bought some fibre from Texere Yarns, as I was in the neighbourhood visiting a friend. I first heard of them around six years ago, googling about for yarn sources for Jayne hats – I rang them to see if they had any suitable orange aran yarn (they did, but it was, at the time, only available on quite a large cone, which with postage costs came out quite pricey – in the end, my local tiny yarn store came up trumps with a wool/acrylic blend, though I’ve long since lost track of the exact yarn that they supplied me with). The woman on the end of the phone was extremely pleasant, and I’ve wanted to pay them a visit ever since then.

I wasn’t disappointed. A big mill shop in the centre of Bradford, it holds shelves upon shelves of yarns and fibres, and has a wonderful smell – it took me back to the days when my mum had a stint as a sock linker, working from home machining the toes of hefty wool socks with an enormous machine festooned with umpteen pointy needles.

I had the kids with me, and we arrived 15 minutes before closing, so it was a bit of a smash and grab. Here’s the booty –


100g of merino tops in a combination of their regular shades, dubbed ‘Storm’, and below, two 50g bags of the same in Petrol.


This just would not photograph in the light I had today – it’s a beautiful dark teal colour.


I treated myself to 100g of mulberry silk tops too. I’ve had a quick squeeze of it, and put it back – it’s the first silk fibre I’ve ever bought, and it’s astonishingly soft and, well, silky!

Can’t wait to spin it. (I know it’s white, but hey. It’s beautiful.)

All in all, I’m really chuffed – I got all of the above for a little under a tenner, plus a couple of balls of yarn for an upcoming project, and I’m definitely popping back in the not-too-distant. I did consider a trip to Wingham Wool Work, but it wasn’t a Sunday or Monday, and I had no idea if we’d manage time to pop in so didn’t like to do the whole ‘by appointment’ thing. One day, though, as it’s only a mile or so detour from my 300 mile journey between Derbyshire and home, at the side of the motorway.

I cracked on with the laceweight today, and got it almost done, I’m down to the last 5g or so – I want to get that finished before I start on something else, so it’s not in the back of my mind, bugging me. I don’t have a great deal of hope of finishing tomorrow, as we’ve a trip to Glasgow Science Centre planned, but definitely by the end of Friday, all being well!


2 thoughts on “Three and fourpence

    1. To be honest, I don’t know where the equivalent would be up here – that mill is 200 miles from where I live, I just happened to be passing by on my way home from visiting my folks.

      I think I may do a little bit of googling later and see just what there is around here, as aside from a couple of shops that sell yarn in Glasgow, and one in Falkirk that I’ve yet to check out, I don’t really know what’s out there. And certainly not if I want to buy fibre – there’s a place out in Gourock I know of, and another in Cupar, but they’re forty and fifty miles away, respectively :/

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