The first week

Today’s a rest day, so I’ve got a break from spinning, which means a little more time to blog!

On day five, I continued with the laceweight on the wheel –


This is an ‘in progress’ shot, taken (annoyingly) not long after I started – I covered that saggy baggy bit of spinning there, and evenly filled out the bobbin a little, spinning a couple of grams in all. I took the remaining fibre, and my newly-freed spindle, with me when I drove down to visit dad on the Thursday (day six), and managed a little spinning on the spindle that evening –


So far it seems to be reasonably comparable to the singles I’ve spun on the wheel.

Friday and Saturday (days seven and eight) I continued to work on it, though Saturday’s spinning amounted to all of about fifteen minutes, as most of that day was spent in party preparation and partying.

So, this is how it looks today –


(My photos are slightly dimmer than usual because typically, the one day I’m not spinning has been the coolest so far while I’ve been away – it’s been very hot and sunny up until today.)

Yesterday was, for the cyclists, the first proper day in the mountains, and so I set myself a bit of a challenge, using my old top whorl spindle (which had the hook bashed out of it during the very start of the spinning of the Thistle laceweight I’ve finished this week) as a low-whorl spindle, to spin three singles – one shorter than the other two so that I could have a 3ply and a 2ply from my spinning. This is, again, natural BFL from


I’d hoped to try and spin something a little thicker as a bit of a sample towards the DK weight I’m hoping to also spin during the Tour, but it seems that my default single, at least with a 2ply, ends up as laceweight. Must try harder.


On the left is the laceweight 2ply, 16 yards, 26 wpi (not sure what it weighs as I’m away from my digital scales). On the right, the 3 ply, 27 yards and 18wpi.

Now, at those wpi’s, I’d say the laceweight was on the heavy side at 26wpi, and the 3ply is a fingering/borderline sport weight, going by this chart.

Tomorrow I’m driving home, so I suspect there’ll be little time to do more than a few minutes on the spindle – after that I’m not sure if I’ll continue to spin the rest of the laceweight on the spindle, or go back to the wheel. I’m also going to set about getting this DK yarn made!


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