Day Two

Day two – the first day of the Tour proper – I did a little sampling for the DK weight I want to make. I’m going to do 3 singles, two of which will be twice as long as the other so that I can make a 2ply and then a 3ply sample.


I was slightly foiled at this point by a complete and utter lack of tp rolls to wind off onto. This is almost unheard of in our house – we go through phenomenal amounts of toilet roll, and I’m not always on top of chasing up all the emptied cardboard tubes – I’m not sure how I managed to be this ‘tidy’ this week.

So I decided to do a bit of plying – if nothing else, it’d mean two empty tp rolls at the end of it –


I didn’t count on how long this would take though. This was my total plying for yesterday (though to be fair, we had a couple of hours in the pub yesterday afternoon, as our local did a mini beer festival – I tried a couple of the local brews, and a couple of Brewdog beers, including a bottle of their black lager, zeitgeist… but I digress).

I’m not totally surprised that this is taking so long to ply. It did, after all, take me almost two years to finish spinning it (not constantly, to be fair). And the singles are in the region of 84wpi –


As you can see, some of the cracks in my fingers are as wide as that… here’s a ruler pic, for a more useful point of reference –


(Click the pics to go to the photo pages if you want to see them in Extreme Close Up.)

So far, then, it seems I’ll be spending day 3 doing more plying.


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