Tour de Fleece 2010

As well as picking up my long-neglected jumper, I’ve also remembered I’m a spinner.

On Friday night I logged in to ravelry to discover a message informing me I’d been earburned by the lovely Joanna, of limegreenjelly, to let me know that the ravelry Tour de Fleece was starting the next day. A quick think and a scrabble, and so far, my game plan is –

a) spin every day
b) finish the laceweights that have been languishing on both my spindle and wheel for a fair while
c) spin some yarn that’s DK or bigger, with an eye to spinning for a sweater
d) do a bit of bottom whorl spinning.

Now, I thought that b) might take ages – the spindling, I thought, I’d do whilst visiting rellies (planned for midweek, till just after next weekend) and away from my wheel.

I’ve finished that tonight, though –


(The whisky tube is what I’ve been keeping the singles/spindle in – I’ve collected a few of them, they serve as handy needle cases too.)

I might just have to buy some more fibre to spin on my spindle, as I think I’ll be doing the DK stuff on the wheel too.

Approximate length of that single is 690 yds – it weighs roughly 21g, as does the first. If there’s any doubt that this fibre’s been on the go for a while, here’s the post where I dyed it.

This is how the laceweight from my last 800yd dash looks, currently –


And this is half a pound of BFL from… this is what I’m planning to use for my DK+ attempt, though I think I may save attempting to dye it until after I’ve spun it, dyeing quantities much larger than 100g at a time is tricky using the equipment I have, and I want a solid-ish yarn.



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