A lesson in the making

Here’s a thing. With the stole finished, and the next idea in my head still very much just that, I need something I can just knit. I’ve had a rummage around in my stash, and discovered the back to a jumper I was going to knit for myself about two years ago. There’s no pattern – just the mental image of a jumper I used to love (albeit one made from cotton rather than wool, but never mind that), and I’m not 100% sure I might have to give it three-quarter-length sleeves, as I only bought 955yds of the yarn – Araucania Aysen – at the time.

I’ve started work on the front, anyway. I’m thinking boat-neck style, but we’ll see how the yardage goes – it may well end up being a v-neck, though hopefully I’ll manage more than a v-neck tank top.

I’d not had much experience of variegated yarn prior to starting this jumper, so when I read the back of the label – ‘Knit with two hanks in assorted rows (2-4). This will assure an overall blended effect.’ I mostly just thought ‘hm, that sounds like a lot of faff, maybe I won’t bother.’


You see that? That’s me being bitten in the arse, that is. That’s a skein of yarn with considerably less orangey hues than the ball that proceeded it. (In the back of my head there’s a voice that says ‘maybe it’s just this bit at the start’… I recognise this as, if not the voice of delusion, the voice of hopeful straw-grasping.)

Aside from the fact that if I undo this and start over, uh, I’ve got to start over, I’m not sure how well this yarn would cope with being reknit, being the soft fluffy single that it is. So. Um. I’m going to carry on, and if I have to I’ll pretend that I wanted to make a jumper that looks different depending on whether it’s coming or going.


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