Summer planting

This time last week we finally stopped having cold nights, so I planted out/potted up the tender crops –


It took a while, so by the time I’d finished planting into the growbags, the sun had started to move around to the side of the house. L-R, starting at the nearest point of the growbag, they’re cucumber (Marketmore), chilli pepper (not sure as yet, they were gifted by Dad and I did the usual thing of forgetting to mark the second set of pots they went into, doh), tomatoes across the back (3 each of Sungold and Gardener’s Delight), another mystery chilli from Dad, and another cucumber plant. Then there’s the courgette plant, planted into an old 75L compost bag rolled down to form a container.


These are, starting from the back and L-R, another cucumber (in the square container, Marketmore again), a particularly healthy looking sweet pepper; middle row – chilli, sweet, chilli, chilli, peppers; and at front right some teenytiny basil and marigold plants.


Typically, the days immediately following this were particularly inclement, but the last couple have been absolutely glorious, so I live in hope of harvesting a tomato this year.

Potatoes are growing nicely so far, this was last week and they looked even healthier when I visited the allotment yesterday –


The onions, shallots and garlic are on track, which I’m really pleased about – last year’s shallot harvest was pitiful, but hopefully this year we’ll have some pickled shallots –


Netted savoy and greyhound cabbage, and calabrese –


Two rows of salsify, with red salad bowl lettuce in between – two of these got munched by molluscs, so I’ve planted some tiny coriander plants in there.


I’ve sowed some swede – we love swede in our house, and I’m thinking it’s maybe a brassica the pigeons might leave alone. Hopefully it wasn’t too late a sowing – it was made on the 11th, but they’re a late variety.


I’m currently contemplating splitting the gardening content from this blog to another, keeping this one solely for fibre-related posting – the main reason I’ve been considering this is because I’m also going to start a wedding blog, partly to keep track of all the fantastic stuff I keep finding, but also as something to look back on, along with my photos and memories of the day itself.

And um, also a brewblog – I’m taking up brewing again, after a four year hiatus, and I need to keep records for that which would certainly clog up this place – it may become a more general food/drink blog, where I can keep things like jam and pickling records and recipes, etc.

Though I need to think up some names for them first!


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