Potting on

It’s that time of year again – lots of things in pots.

These –


are cabbage, Greyhound – I don’t normally do summer cabbage, and I certainly don’t normally grow cabbages in pots (at most I usually do trays, then nursery beds). I suppose that makes it an experiment.

Same with these, which are calabrese ‘Corvet’ –


Both of them are looking pretty healthy, I think, though they need to go out quite soon by the looks of things. These –


are Cavolo Nero seedlings, which will likely just go out into a nursery bed.

Then there’s the stuff that has to be juggled until the last expected frost date has passed. I’ve been potting this stuff up gradually since it was sowed, and so far, it doesn’t seem to have got too leggy – luckily, this last week, when it might have got away from me, has been warm enough to leave them out for most of the day.

These are my tomatoes – Gardener’s Delight and Sungold – plus a couple of peppers (donated by my dad, and again, I’ve potted them on and only realised afterwards that I hadn’t made a note of which was which, so I’ll find that out only when they fruit.. he gave me some chilli and some sweet, and I’ve completely lost track of which is which) – and the one courgette plant that germinated –


And here –


are the remaining pepper plants, plus four cucumber ‘Marketmore’ plants – every single one of those seeds came up.

Now I just have to hope they’ll be okay over the bank holiday weekend while we’re away in Aberdeen, urk.

Knitting is happening, though the stole’s possibly a little behind schedule as I’m knitting on a Dracoclava at the same time. It’s all looking good so far though, so I’m happy.


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