Whoops, there goes…

…another month without any blogging.

Basically, this is down to a dearth of photographs – and while I’m aware that it’s possible to make a perfectly serviceable text-only blog post, for my own purposes I like to have at least one picture to look back at.

On the knitting front, the photo famine has been caused mostly by my ongoing lacy project and the fact that I’d been hoping to wait and reveal in its entirety.

However. I’m knitting this stole with 2.75mm needles and fyberspates Faery Lace blogged here, scroll down to near the bottom – which is cobweb weight wool, so it’s taking a while as you might imagine… I need to knit six repeats of the main section to get the length I want, and I’m knitting four repeats of the centre panel section of the pattern.

This is the show so far, anyway –


Apologies for the mistiness – I borrowed elder daughter’s camera, as the batteries for mine are in the Gameboy, which is in the car… anyway, it looks like someone’s had their fingers all over the lens, and I didn’t notice this until after I’d uploaded the photo, so as it stands I’m not sure if that’s better than no photos at all, but hey. It’s unblocked lace so it looks like so much spaghetti anyway, right?

I have high hopes for a pattern release around the end of this month, barring accidents.


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