Almost a whole month gone by, and nary a sign of a blog post.

Why so distracted? Well, there’s been a little bit of knitting – I made some headway with the lacy knitting pattern, and there’s the beginnings of another balaclava in the works.

And with a little warm weather upon us, I’ve been gardening – today saw my first earlies, 3 rows of Arran Pilot, go in, and the planting out of a measly eight pea plants that were started off at home (we did sow more than 8, but the seed is obviously getting on a bit as less than half of them came to anything). The maincrop potatoes are still sitting’n’chitting on the windowsill, but hopefully they won’t be by the end of this week.

Along with the peas (that were sowed a week or two ago), there’s chard (Lucullus), loose-leaf lettuce (Red Salad Bowl), parsley and Little gem lettuces – all but the latter have come up, so that’s two more packets of seed I need to order, along with parsnip, Hamburg parsley, and swede. They’re all still at home at the moment, as they’re still quite small, and while we’ve had some warm days the last couple of weeks the nights have been cold.

In amongst all that, there was a trip to see the folks down south.

Most of this, however, didn’t take up the whole month. A fair bit of my energies recently have been spent ruminating, planning, organising and imagining… because at the start of last month we decided to finally set a date for our wedding, having been engaged for the last three and a half years. There’s plenty of time yet, as we’re going for June 2011, but I’m going to savour every moment spent drifting through wedding blogs, and etsy, and recipe sites, and all the rest of it, right up till what I hope will turn out to be the best party of our lives.

I forgot to take a picture of the gardening I did today, and I don’t have any knitting pictures either, so here’s a rainy picture from last month of the church we’re hoping to marry in –


I think roofs are overrated.


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