Lace frenzy!


Storming through a handspun Adamas – though as I near the outer edges, those rows are taking much longer. This picture, taken yesterday, is around the 9 repeat mark (chart 2). I’m now onto the beginning of the 11th repeat, and I’m unsure as to whether I’ll get the full 14 repeats from my 600yds, but as I’m using 4mm needles 13 would probably suffice – maybe even 12, as I’m not that tall.

As yarn goes, I’m pleased with it – there are patches where it’s a little too thick or thin for my liking, but generally the consistency isn’t half bad, and so far, I’m thinking it’s going to make a pretty shawl. I did notice, when I laid it out on the chair to take this picture, an area of… well, not quite the same shade of ‘natural’ as the most part of it. A distinctly darker cream. I’ve been contemplating dyeing the shawl when I finish it anyway, as I’m not sure how well cream will go with my red dress, and if this dark patch is too noticeable it’s a done deal. (Though don’t ask me what colour I’m dyeing it at this point, please.)

So.. yes, overtaken with a sense of the sensible, I’ve decided to knit up the 600yds I’ve got, into a stole to wear to my partner’s sister’s wedding at the end of the month. My spindle still holds the dyed BFL, but I have started some BFL on the wheel.


The second 800yd attempt is coming on a little more slowly – this is still the first single. (Er, yes, I should’ve moved on from that last hook just a tad sooner…)


(Obligatory macro shot – click to visit the flickr page if you want to see it in all its individual hair-y glory.)


Working on the adamas has spurred me to pick the needles up on my own lacy pattern again – there’s swatching afoot. It became apparent about four rows on from this point that the needles I was using for this particular swatch were too big, so it got frogged.

And apropos of nothing in particular…


…one of the newcomers that’s been visiting the feeders on my back yard in the past week. We generally have dozens of great, blue and coal tits – and now we have a pair of long-tailed tits too. They’re ridiculously cute and cheeky looking little birds, and a joy to watch… there’s also a little satisfaction to be got from the fact that last year, when the feeders were right at the top of the garden where I could hardly see the birds, I was convinced there were two of them visiting us.

(Still no sign of the woodpecker – we have a couple of collared doves visiting the garden and a pair of song thrushes that I’ve not spotted before, though.)

Also – I’ve been up the allotment! First time in ages… but that’ll have to be the next blog post, as it’s a meander all its own.


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