Close, but no cigar.


Last time I plied lace, I did it over about a week. This time, I did it in two days, and it’s occurred to me that it’s possible my posture goes all to hell when I ply.


Anyway. I got 693 yards for my 100g of shetland fibre, at 26wpi.


It’s lovely and squishy, but I’d hoped for 800 yards… so I’ll have to have another go. I’m going to try some BFL on the wheel, as I’ve spun that at a higher WPI before now.

Once my spindle’s clear I think I’ll try the shetland on that, and see what happens. If I have an hour or so with it tomorrow I should have the BFL on there done (yes, it’s still the stuff I talked about down in the bottom of this post). I’m going to ply that on the wheel – though maybe not till I’ve worked out the knots in my shoulders, and decided whether or not to ply the two singles together, or joining them and attempting to ply them with silk thread. It really seems like it’d be an interesting experiment, but at the same time, I’ve been spinning these fine singles so long that if it all goes horribly wrong I may have a serious lip-wobble moment.


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