Things on pins

Well, this month’s seen a lot of knitting, and a fair bit of photographing, but um, not a lot of blogging (and absolutely no spinning, wah)… mostly because the first thing I was knitting/taking photos of was a bokaclava, and the photos are destined to be used for a long overdue rehaul of the pattern/pdf. There’s a lot of this kind of thing –


I’m hoping they’ll clarify some of the more complex areas of the pattern. The redo will likely have to wait until the New Year though, as I’ve a few other things going on.

Firstly, there’s a whole bunch of molecules happening. It’s basically a reknit of the three from this post back in March. (I’ll save the whys and wherefores for another time, and just say that I’m thrilled to be doing it.)

I’ve knit parts for two of the three, and then of course there’s the seaming, but hopefully I should be finished by the end of the week. At which point, I’ve a pair of fingerless gloves (not mittens – they’re gonna have half-fingers) to get on with, for a friend, and then a pair of boot socks for my dad, which I’m halfway through the first of already – they got put on hold when I found out I needed to do the molecules.

I’d hoped to get a couple of other knits done as gifts for folk, but we’ll see how close to Christmas it is by the time I get through this lot – I might end up having to go shopping after all…


…of course, on top of all this there’s the usual Christmas stuff. We’ve got the tree up already, as this’ll be the first year in a long time that we’ll be spending the entirety of the holiday at home. I have to admit a fondness for sharing house space with something coniferous at this time of year. They smell so good.

And there’s the stuff to get in that I can’t knit. Books, CDs, games, big chunks of meat and cheese and chocolate, bottles full of drink, that kind of stuff.

As it goes, aside from all the aforementioned knits, right now I have one other WIP (well, one that gets worked on regularly) – it’s the lacy thing pattern I’ve been working on sporadically since October, currently having a run through with smaller needles and cobweb weight (Fyberspates Fairy Wool). It’s… time-consuming… so it’s likely not to get picked up now until the Day itself, or after.

(And not long after that, of course, it’ll all be over, and it’ll be January, and I’ll have to do my taxes.. eep.)


2 thoughts on “Things on pins

  1. molli

    I’m looking forward to Christmas, as I’ll be able to finally use my Alpaca yarn I’m getting to make the “firmaments” pi shawl. No clue how I’ll block the bloody thing though…its about the size of a bedspread when done! Is it wrong of me to keep fondling the yarn? lol

    1. thingsandideas

      Oh, it most definitely is not wrong. You should sniff it, too, I reckon. Fondle and sniff. It’s the way to go.

      (That’s a lovely shawl pattern, too 🙂 )

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