November garden update

We managed Hallowe’en after all. Costumes were found – this photo is pre-guising, so you can’t see the bag full of sweeties they ended up with –


and apples were bobbed –


And after the flower fairy and the witch were tucked up safely in bed, myself and the other half settled down with whisky and The Ghoul – the 70s Cushing one, not the Karloff one from the 30s – and had ourselves a startling evening’s entertainment. We missed the opportunity to recreate the first night I watched this film, when it appeared on the BBC as part of a double bill with Night of the Demon… ah well.

Bonfire Night came and went, we had a few fireworks but I was too busy running about in the dark, slipping over on wet leaves, trying to wrestle back control of the torch from a two year old and being part of a firework-lighting tag-team to take any photos.

Yesterday we were up the garden, during a brief respite from the bucketloads of rain we’ve had up here in the last couple of weeks.


I’ve managed to get another couple of spits dug below where the potatoes came out, there’s only about 18″ left to dig at the bottom of this bed now (it’s under the rubber mat – that’s what I use to keep myself a bit of workable, dryish ground to dig in this horribly soggy weather).

The view from the other end –


That’s the garlic and japanese overwintering onions. The garlic is bigger than the onions, which just seems wrong, but heyho.

The other side of the path. The brassicas are still displaying a dramatic lean caused by the overhanging trees that are now GONE! Well, mostly.


The patch of bare soil in the foreground (in front of the puny leeks) is going to be one of two or three small tattie patches next year (I’m going to plant them either end of this bed, I think.) It needs a good weeding and a load of muck before that happens though.


See that Tuscan Kale at the left there, the strappy dark green leaved thing? The one that looks very healthy? I snapped the top of it off whilst trying to pick a leaf from it yesterday. God knows how, the stem was really thick. There was swearing.

The parnsips, few though they are, will have had their first frosting now – I think it might be time to sample one or two of them soon.

A close up of the other end –


The red kale’s looking a bit leggy, I think.

The other thing I did yesterday was net the purple sprouting broccoli –


There’s only three of these, but I’m very pleased with them, and now I hopefully won’t have the trauma of turning up and finding they’ve had their growing tips eaten to pieces by hungry pigeons.

They’ll be a welcome crop in early spring – I’ve nothing much of anything else happening that’ll be around then. I’m planning on some early sowings of salads, lambs lettuce and the like, possibly some oriental greens, but need to get a cloche sorted for that, really. Or a tunnel – I have the plastic already, just need to decide on where to site it and get hold of some drainage pipes and scaffold poles (apparently). The shed would be a good candidate for conversion, but that’s a major operation, and I expect it would mean losing the stove’n’chimney set up that’s in there, that I’d hoped to one day get going.

It’s about that time of year again – plans need to be made, seeds need to be reconciled. It’ll be time to chit the potatoes before I know what’s hit me.

I’ve got some knitting on the go at the mo, some more weirdo stuff to wear on your head should be appearing shortly, and I do have a lace thing bubbling away nicely, though that’s still some way off being a finished object. Watch this space.


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