The Dark Half approaches!

We’re just starting our preparations for this evening – hope everyone’s looking forward to a fun Halloween/Samhain/Día de los Muertos weekend.

Obviously in an ideal world we’d be all ready to go at this point, but no. I’ve spent the last fortnight getting my car ready for an MOT retest, after it failed the emissions test first time out. Thankfully it made it through on its second attempt, but it’s meant that I’ve thought of little else for the last fourteen days.

And those of you that have spawned some freaky halloween knitwear in the form of peculiarclavas, I salute and thank you! Please forgive my apparent lack of concern for those with seaming and end-weaving allergies…

So – time to get off the computer and Do Spooky Stuff. (There may be pics to follow.)


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