Three Ply III: The Search for Squoosh.


I think we’re getting there.


This is around 10-14wpi – it’s fairly thick and thin, but my main concern with this fibre was not putting way too much twist in and I seem to have managed that, at least.


There’s 161yds, around 70g (I may pop it in my pocket and weigh it on the Post Office scales this afternoon).

I’m pleased with it – it’s an almost-DK, I think? A good part of it is certainly DK weight, some is sport weight – there’s likely areas that are fingering weight, too. Onwards and upwards!

(I’m a little meh about the colour, but never mind.)

I’ve swatched the last 3ply I did, which is certainly overplied –


That’s a 3mm needle, so I’m not sure if the fabric is dense enough.


It’s really stretchy. I expect it’ll make a hardwearing pair of socks, I just need to work out whether I want to drop a needle size.


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