Green things

Late August was very, very wet, and we didn’t get up to the allotment as much as I’d have liked. When we did get there the soil was utterly sodden, so it was hard to get much of anything done anyway.

The last couple of weeks have seen a good amount of beautiful dry autumn days, however, and saw us up at the allotment every couple of days, whenever we could make a trip to Glasgow worthwhile.

The weekend before last I got handy with my saw, and took down the dead tree that was cluttering up the smaller outer bed. I’d been trying to weed round it and it kept poking me, so I fetched the saw to take the lower branches off, realised it’d finally completely died – deer had taken the bark off halfway down the trunk – and practised a bit of lumberjacking (very satisfying it was, too).

Later that afternoon I took the saw to the hedge/copse that takes up the outer bed on the other side, and which sucks who knows how much goodness out of the soil (I may have mentioned it before – it came with the garden, a previous tenant had planted a ‘hedge’ which is now at least a dozen beech trees). It was a token gesture really – I took the lower branches that’d grown out over the paths down, but barely made a dent – but lucky for me, as I was in the middle of doing it another allotmenteer turned up at the garden and told me to stop messing about with my rusty handsaw as he had a chainsaw. Long and short of it, they’re coming down in a week or two, yay.

I found some leeks nestled under the PSB – I’d forgotten they were there, to be honest, and they were nearly hoed into nothingness – some of them didn’t surviving the weeding, but those that did have gone in by the parsnips, where my failed peas were.


It’s ridiculously late for them to be going in, but they’re more likely to do something here than if I didn’t do anything at all with them, so I thought I might as well. I’ve fetched some japanese onions and garlic sets from the garden centre to put in (‘Senshyu Yellow’ and ‘Marco’, respectively), they’re destined for the tattie bed, though.


Which is/was here. (You can see the stump of the ex-tree in the background, and all the bits of tree on the floor next to it.) I looked back on the blog and noticed I hadn’t made a note of what varieties of potato I’d planted – the first earlies, that we’re still making our way through now, are ‘Foremost’, and I’m really pleased with them. They’re a good firm potato, and have no scab or anything bothering them. The second earlies (that I’m curious to see, I might actually dig up some next time I’m up even though there’s still the Foremost there) are Charlotte, which I’ve never grown before.

And this is green in another sense – I’ve joined the glasgow freeshare yahoo group, and managed to get a bike for the eldest –


Thanks to my fellow freesharer for that, it’s much appreciated.


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