It’s been a long, long time coming…


I have never spent so long plying as I have with this yarn. Spinning the singles took an inordinate amount of time – I just checked, and it’s getting on for six months since I started it – but I hadn’t bargained on it taking me the best part of a week to get the plying done.

And now it *is* done, and I’m happy with it – the weight/yardage is good, it’s 30wpi, 585yds, and weighs roughly 70 grams. If I’d got to grips with the snapping sooner it could’ve been almost half as much again, as I began with 100 grams of fibre.


The mini-skein is down to me being cackhanded winding the plied bobbin into a skein – by the time I’d got to the last few yards my arms and back were starting to ache like mad. I need to knock up a niddy-noddy, because my improvised things-to-wind-skeins-on – ie various bits of furniture – are all a bit crap for one reason or another. I guess it wasn’t too much of a bind when I was only producing one or two hundred yards of yarn, but I really noticed it this time.

A better close-up, though the colours are a little brighter than in reality –


There must’ve been a stupendous amount of twist in those singles because even with me treadling like a loony while plying, the skein came out soft and perfectly balanced. And for once I have an amount I could contemplate making something bigger than a scarf with!

I *am* knitting something at the moment – just the one thing – and it’s not the peculiarclava design I was wrestling with last month. I put that to one side… and started a different one. This one’s being much more cooperative than the last, I’m glad to say. All being well I should be drafting the pattern and publishing it to my ravelry shop in the next week or two.

Obviously now I’ve finished up that last yarn – which I haven’t been able to come up with a name for yet – I’m keen to get on with something else, so next up on the wheel will be the fibre I dyed up last, which I’ve named ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’ (sounds a bit waffly, I know, but the colours remind me of one of the rose cultivars I came across during a previous life as a horticultural dogsbody worker). I got my inspiration from a comment by Cat, so thanks for that! I’m just having a wander through your blog this afternoon with a cup of tea, it’s jampacked with all sorts of lovelies.

And I think I’ll make a start on another laceweight. I have a lot of Shetland sliver which would be ideal for this, I think… and I’d like to try using some Shetland yarn to knit some Shetland lace.


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