And the not-knitting continues…

Yesterday I found myself nearing the end of all the dyed up fibre I had left upstairs – something had to be done!


Supercook to the rescue. (I *will* try my hand with the sugarflair pastes at some point, I just haven’t got round to, um, deciding where to buy it from yet – non-food-safe dyes are still something I’m wary to try, mind you.)

I didn’t have a lot of food colouring in – a smidge of yellow, half a bottle each of blue and red – so I did a bit of blending and aimed for muted, and didn’t worry too much about undyed patches. I made up two pots of dye – 15ml of blue/5ml yellow/4 drops red in the first, 10ml red/2.5ml blue in the second, and made them both up to 200ml with the water/vinegar mix I’d soaked the fibre in, after draining and squeezing it out (a roughly 10:1 mix, fibre soaked for 20-30 mins).

I coiled the fibre in the top of the steamer and doused the edge of one half with the red, and the other with the green – starting at the furthest edges, leaving a little gap down the centre, and then pressing the dye towards the centre, in an attempt to graduate the intensity of the colour (it sort of worked, I think). It got steamed for about an hour, then cooled gradually before rinsing thoroughly.

I’ve another 3ply in mind for this – and this time I’m planning to use a control card, and get involved with tpi, and if all goes well it’ll be a nice squooshy DK yarn. (There’s only around 75g or so of fibre there, so obviously there won’t be a great deal of whatever it becomes.)

I’ve only a little way to go with the fibre I’ve been spinning as a laceweight for… I forget how long, exactly, but it’s somewhere in the region of bloody ages –


It’s going well, the snapping problem is behind me (mostly), and it finally feels like the end is in sight, which I think is helping with the enjoyment factor. At one point I’d fallen out with this fibre, and it was feeling like a bit of a slog (eventually I figured out that I could wind off bobbins onto toilet roll middles and have more than one project on the go – this helped enormously). I did spend lots of yesterday doing lots of spinning, though.


I’ve even been working on this –


I’ve had this on my one-and-only spindle for almost a whole year now. (Yikes.) I need to get it done and get closure or whatever, so I’ve made a little 10-mins-a-day – at least – resolution with myself.


I’ve toyed with the idea of plying this with silk thread, which means getting hold of a substantial length of that – so far I’ve only found spools of a couple of hundred yards at most, and while I’m not certain, I don’t think that’ll be enough.


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