A three ply of substance

Our holiday was lovely – felt like it went on for ages, too. I came back refreshed, if a little damp.. but with a severe case of knitter’s block, unfortunately. My peculiarclava has gone nowhere since I last mentioned it (other than to the bottom of my knitting bag).

So the first thing I did – no, hang on, that was a shedload of laundry – the second thing I did when I got back was pull out my spinning wheel, and set about finishing the 3 ply I was almost done with before I left.


It came out pretty well – a bit firm (read: large swathes of it could’ve been mistaken for shoelace) the first time out, so I ran it back onto the wheel a couple of times and took some of the plying twist back out, and now it’s balanced, and actually I’m pretty pleased with it.

These are ‘before’ shots –



And after taking some of that twist back out –



It’s not a hugely visible difference, but it certainly feels a lot softer, and it went from being around 18 wpi and 270 yards long to being 16 wpi and 295 yards long. I’m amazed by the extra 25 yards, if I’m honest.

I’m not entirely certain, but it’s just a little shy of 100g, according to my (admittedly not terribly sensitive) kitchen scales.


2 thoughts on “A three ply of substance

  1. molli

    Oh, I am MORE than impressed! I’m still working on consistency in my spinning. I’d like to get just ONE spool where it is all the same size, never mind plying! lol

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