A finished yarn!


This has taken a while (and I still haven’t finished off the dusky pink singles I was spinning before this, no).

It started life as this BFL –


In attempt to create something other than laceweight, I decided to have a go at my first 3ply.

I blogged about it here.

By which point I was aware that it was still rather fine…


…and no, the plying didn’t save me.

30ish grams, 227 yards, 30 WPI. Doh.

I’m persisting though, and trying upping the amount of predrafting I do. I divided the other roving I dyed up for the dyealong into 3 balls, and have divided up each of those into 3 pieces.


So far it’s looking thicker. It’s certainly progressing light-years faster.


I’ve still not much idea what weight this single will become as a 3ply yarn though – I need to print out the spinner’s control card a kind soul on the UK Spinner’s list on ravelry has made, I think.


3 thoughts on “A finished yarn!

  1. molli

    Now see, I’m having trouble making my yarn THIN…Its always thicker than I want…I”m tired of ‘chunky’ and forget trying to ply it until I get the jumbo bobbin. How do you keep yours from twisting back on itself?

    1. thingsandideas

      Hi molli!

      (would have replied sooner – am having a pitstop back at Glasgow, mid-holidays)

      When is your yarn doing the twisting back thing? My singles *do* twist back on themselves unless they’re under tension… and my plied yarns twist back on themselves sometimes too – a wash and a little tiny bit of abuse tends to sort that out.

      I’m back off for another blast out with the tent for a few days tomorrow – so probably won’t get to the pc again till next weekend – toodleoo!

  2. molli

    Oh good, That answered my question, seeing as yours does it too! Yes, its my singles mostly. I’m never sure how much ‘twist’ to put into it. Too little and it falls apart, too much and it twists on itself. I’m getting better though 🙂

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