..equals happy plants.


Also quite a few slugs, which I think probably also equals happy toad –



He was having a bit of a nap in the old compost bag, which I was about to use as a container for some flowers and a few herbs. He’s up the top of the garden now (as is the bag, I hope he finds a better bed because I could do with the container, to be honest).

I took these photos of the tomato and chilli plants last thursday – was about to take some more, but the batteries just went on the camera –



They’re a little further on now, and have a bit of a crop going on – these are the Sungold, which in my experience have always been first to crop, particularly outdoors –


I think these chillies are the jwalas that dad gave me (jwala apparently means volcano in Hindi), if not they’ll be the Heatwave – I was happily planting stuff out and then realised I’d not bothered to take note of which pots I’d planted where –


The cucumbers are still at the dinky stage – these are outdoor ridge types –


This was one of the courgette plants last thursday –


I took these two off this morning (again, they’re languishing in the fridge unphotographed), about five inches long and an inch wide. Happily there are going to be plenty more where they came from, and this is my second, smaller plant at home, photographed today –


I may take these off too. You can see there are no male flowers in sight, and I’ve noticed that these early fruits tend to rot off before they reach any considerable size, which I can only assume is because they’ve not been fertilised.

Up at the allotment, this is what was going on before we went away at the weekend –


We’re off up there after lunch, and I expect these will be quite large by now.

Just beside the courgette, this row of kales (cavolo nero and dwarf green curled), and a red cabbage, which seem to be doing well so far –


And beside them, a few more dwarf green curly kale, a red salad bowl lettuce (and a long-bolted chard) –


The parsnips are patchy at best (and I really do need to remember to take photographs after I weed) –


…and the garlic is passable. Not a lot to say about those shallots in the foreground, except to say that it’s possible they could’ve done with more water, and next year I will be buying new sets, rather than reusing last year’s tiny bulbs –


The other, netted, brassica bed –


Redbor kale in the foreground – netted against pigeons, weeks ago – and purple sprouting broccoli (and possibly also a couple of overwintering caulis) and red cabbages that I netted that day after discovering they’d had a visit from the cabbage white butterfly.

And finally, the potatoes –


I planted them at weekly/two weekly intervals, starting with the ones at the back – which yielded a boiling last week –



Knitting *is* happening. Lace thing is still in very early development, new peculiarclava is in progress and is in fact in some way related to this plant-based post… (yes, that’s meant to be a hint as to what it is).


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