Bokaclava revisited…

I’ve recently had a request – from the very first person to contact me about the Bokaclava, way back last October – for some extra detail on the finishing of the Bokaclava – notably, the forehead seaming and the insertion of the ears.

I intend to knit up a Bokaclava and take some photos of the process, but at the moment I’m still all wrapped up in the Mysterious Lace Whatnot Project… so here’s some of the original Bokaclava photos, with added arrows and all-new notes. Clicking on the pictures will take you to larger versions on flickr if you need to see them in greater detail.

Seaming the forehead and back sections

Firstly you need to find the centre point on both the forehead ribbing and the cast off edge of the back section.

bokcentrepoint copy

Seam across the top of the cast off edge to the corner where it meets the selvedge – you will still have some ribbing left unseamed, and should turn the corner and continue seaming down the selvedge of the back.


Repeat for the other side of the forehead.

Attaching ears


Find the point on the ear where the increases along the pointed edges stop, and the circular section begins. Find the top of the forehead ribbing, and begin seaming along this selvedge, and the pointed edge of the ear.


When you are approximately 1″ from the point of the ear, fold it back on itself and sew together.


Continue sewing around selvedge, seaming it to the second side of the point, thus creating the back of the ear –


Continue sewing around the circular part of the ear until you reach the point where you began.


Hope that’s helpful!


18 thoughts on “Bokaclava revisited…

  1. teri

    I think this is going to help. I feel like a celebrity – this is the first time I have been mentioned in a blog – Thanks Anne-Marie!


  2. All I can say is WOW~ Well, I guess that isn’t all. Your knitting is fantastic! I just recently, like a couple of weeks ago, started learning to knit, and joined ravelry. I am blown away by your talent. I hope someday to be able to knit these marvelous things!
    Carol aka battatter

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  4. Zillah

    Help!!! Almost finished the bokaclava. Have ears knitted and put aaside. Main body knitted But have one major problem. AMENTAL BLOCK I CAN”T OVERCOME1 Even afte checking photos and reading pattern several times the side ribbing still placement still leaves me confused. Where exactly do I pick up the 6 stitches leading upto the foreheadribbing (see photos). Is it meant to sit like an alice band between the front and back sections Is it on both sides of the head? Just explain where please as I find it properly in any photos or written notes. Feeling like a frustrated idiot.

    1. thingsandideas

      Well, I’ve got some sort of throat infection, which is affecting my brain in all kinds of new and interesting ways, but I’ll give it a go…

      If you look at the forehead ribbing you’ve already got, that should begin where the short row brows begin, going around the top of the face to where the short rows begin on the other side. The first six stitches of side ribbing are picked up along the side (selvedge) of the front of the head, starting more or less level with the eyeholes, and going up to the point where the forehead ribbing begins. The second six stitches are picked up in the corresponding place on the other side of the face, ie, along the selvedge, level with the eyeholes, up to where the forehead ribbing ends.

      A picture paints a thousand words of course, so if this text description still doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll get my virtual biro out and attack another of my Bok photos to show you what I mean.

  5. Joseph

    Hey there, I’m having a tough time working out the mouth and nose section of the pattern. This is my first time making a balaclava/ski mask type pattern and I could really use a little help. Thanks! ^_^

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  9. I just found this site and I like the mask. I would be making it for my nephew and I would like to make one like this but without the “demon” look. Do you have a way to adjust the pattern with just the eye holes and a small opening for the mouth. No ears or horns!

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I normally get a wordpress notification in my emails but didn’t notice one this time, so it’s possible my email filtered it into the spam folder :/

      I’d say if you wanted to leave out the horns, just keep knitting across when you reach the instructions for putting the holes where they go for those rows. With the mouth, rather than knitting with scrap yarn, cast off the stitches on the right side row (the same number), and then cast on the same number of stitches on the way back, and you’ll form an opening – if you want it to be a smaller opening, adjust the number of stitches you cast on/off accordingly. Hope that helps!

  10. Pam Bergmann

    I am making your Bokaclava Jr. It is so cute. I am having a little trouble understanding the six stitches for the side ribbing. I have the 6 stitches picked up on the side but now am I supposed to knit a six stitch 2×2 ribbing for 14 rows? Where does that strip go?

    1. Hi, if you check out the picture above, the last bit of ribbing beside the ear is those six stitches – they bridge the forehead ribbing and the side of the ear. Hope that helps!

  11. Joe

    I’m making one of these, because it’s awesome, but for whatever reason, I am not understanding what I’m supposed to do once I’ve made the eyebrows. I’ve got to rejoin the yarn and do the forehead ribbing, but I’m just not getting /where/ I’m supposed to start it.

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