Knitter trapped in bead shop incident


It took almost half an hour to free me, but I managed to escape with only minor injuries to my purse.

I went to a bead shop. They had lots of shiny things… I haven’t actually attempted sprinkling them through my knitting yet, but I hear it’s quite addictive, and I think I can quite safely predict more bead posts to my blog in the future (though hopefully not of the ‘oh god these beads are driving me insane please take them away’ variety).

I’d read a knitty article a few days back, but of course when I got to the shop I couldn’t remember any of the numbers – I did at least remember the bit where Sivia Harding tells you to take a bit of yarn with you, so that was something.

In the end, they were all so pretty… I just thought I’d buy a few different likely sizes and see how it went.


These are size 8 seed beads – purchased at Bead Crazy in Aberdeen. The beads below were more of a gamble – size 11 – and right enough, they won’t go onto the crochet hook I bought. In this photo they do resemble some kind of strange pink frogspawn, or strawberry tapioca creation… they’re a little prettier in real life, I think their darker centres are what make them look strange in this unthreaded state.



I’m not sure what these are, they’re quite tiny so they’re probably 11s too… but they were too devilishly shiny to resist.

I bought the beads below from the John Lewis in Aberdeen – the silver and bright blue are both supposedly 9/0, which by rights should fit my hook…



..however, so far none of the blue ones that I’ve tried have fit. The silver ones, while more of a success, are still a bit hit-and-miss.



Of those five clear/silver beads in the picture below, the group of three all fit and the two above don’t.




One of the misfits.


As you can probably see from this photo, it’s not that easy to tell by looking which are which (the one on the left is a small one – this is my camera on superdupermacro – trying to work this out with my non-superdupermacro eyes would probably result in a migraine pretty quickly). The ones that won’t go on I may save for threading onto silk thread and using as a ply in my spinning, unless I can find a smaller hook.

The beads below are just fantastic though – size 8s, though the ones at the bottom, while having the same diameter hole in the middle, seem a little more slender. These are a gun-metal blue, when they’re not illuminated by sunlight –



– and these are a metallic dark grey.


The pink and silvery ones are very pretty, but these are definitely my favourites.

I have yarn stash to declare, too – bought this a week or so ago, from K1 yarns in glasgow –


It’s Fyberspates Faery Lace, in Antique Rose.


Quite a fine yarn, and single ply, but it’s 10% nylon so I’m hoping it might be able to carry a few of those shiny pink beads without breaking.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off to find some online bead suppliers.


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