Everyone Loves Cthulhu…

I’ve had a few enquiries from people regarding custom hand knits in the last few days, presumably a result of the extra traffic to the blog this weekend. (The cthulhuclava page got an indirect link from boingboing, and then that got passed about, and… etc.)

I am currently taking custom orders for handknit items. I’m not sure if that was terribly clear on the blog previously, so I’ve updated the patterns page and will be editing the individual pages for each pattern later – if you don’t knit, don’t know any knitters, and want any of these patterns knit up for you, do get in touch.

I’m almost done with the less-silly knitting I’ve been doing recently – the lacy something is designed, I just need to test-knit the pattern with a couple of different yarns (I’m trying very hard at this point not to lament the dearth of attractive, solid/semi-solid, widely available laceweight yarn in Britain – anyone got any suggestions?)

And I’m not sure whether to submit it to a UK knit magazine, or self-publish again.

More spinning – I resolved that three bobbins was plenty enough to have more than one project on the go – provided I don’t mind winding off the singles onto something – and started on the fluff I dyed up for the UK dyers group on ravelry dye-along competition thingy, deciding to have a go at a three-ply.


I thought I might get this done in time to get a photo of the resulting yarn to submit with the picture of the dyed up roving… ha ha ha ha ha. This might have happened if I stopped doing anything else – or started spinning just a tad thicker – so.. yes. It hasn’t happened.


I’ve managed to finish this bobbin, wind it onto a cardboard toilet roll middle and start the second. I need to put up the photos I have so far asap, which is a shame, but there you go.


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