Keeping me off the streets…

…this week –


The spinning’s progressing, slowly. It’s still quite fine, so that’s partly why this picture looks very similar to the previous picture of the bobbin.. the other reasons being a short-ish trip to Aberdeen, preparations for my youngest’s second birthday (mostly involving tricycle research), and the knitting WIPs I’ve been working on this week –


This is eventually going to be the next peculiaclava. I’ve been working on it as and when the muse takes me – it’s one of those projects that every now and then throws up a problem that’s best solved by putting it down and going and doing something else for a bit, so it’s already been a couple of months in the making.

The picture below shows something that is sort of the opposite – it’s a laceweight something that I’m working on, and so far it seems to be following a pattern of knit, examine, frog, reknit. It’s proving a satisfying project so far, but its size belies just how much of my time’s been spent tinkering with it this week –


(Apologies for the dim light in these photos – I took these at lunchtime, indoors, and the light was a bit weird. Weirder than I realised at the time.)


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