Image heavy!

(I’ve used the smaller versions of my photos on this post to help with page loading – click on them to go to their flickr pages if you want to see them larger.)

Quick update on the spinning – I’m very close to the end of the first half of the BFL I dyed up last –


It’s all going much better – I think my main problem previously had simply been not enough twist in the singles.


I spent most of yesterday afternoon having a bash at spiral dyeing, as part of the dye-along that the UK dyeing group on ravelry have organised. It was a bit of a departure from my usual routine – I usually bank on some mingling between colours when I dye, I tend to paint my fibre after plonking it into a glass bowl, which leaves lots of room for random mixing of dyes in the pot. Random is the order of the day with my dyeing, generally speaking.

Spiral dyeing, however, requires mingling in an orderly fashion, so I invested in some cling film, and approached my dyeing purposefully and with some kind of plan. I managed to create an entirely clear surface to lay out the cling film and fibre –


– made up some supercook dye pots –


– and went for it –



This is the second batch, all wound up – I had a right time with the red leaking everywhere with the first one, so this is wrapped up twice.


And this is the first batch rinsed out in the sink. You’ll notice the green in there – that’s not the result of mingling, that’s some extra green that I made up quickly and painted on, when it became clear that I needed more dye than I’d made up to start with. After I’d done that I wished I hadn’t, as I’d originally tried to stick with primary colours, and the green kind of muddled things.


First conclusion here is that Supercook green and red do *not* mix well. They certainly don’t turn into a hearty brown.


I’ll have to have another attempt later at taking more photos, that show the progression from one colour to the next more clearly – this one shows most of them, but the second blue/green crossover is hidden –


– the next two photos show why I had to move quick with the photos and didn’t get much of a reshoot – someone else in the house thinks the big colourful fluffy things are nice to kiss and hug too –



The second attempt’s simpler – just red, green and blue – and shows the mingly bits clearer, I think I prefer it. Still no brown though – and the purple from the red/blue combined is more like maroon – I prefer more violet/indigo purples, personally.



Still, it’s colourful stuff – I’m going to aim for a weightier yarn with the 100g batch, I think it’ll make a nice bright DK yarn.

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