Pattern of the day!

I got a surprise when I logged in yesterday and spotted the graph for my blog stats – there’s a big pointy spike on it, which turns out to be the result of the Molecule pattern being listed as ‘free pattern of the day’ by The Daily Knitter for the 29th March. If you’ve come here via there, hello!

I’ve started to spin up the fibre I dyed last week, and while my intention after the last lot was to try and spin thicker, this just looks like it’d make really pretty laceweight. (That’s my excuse, and yep, I’m sticking with it.) Being red, it was really hard to get a good true reproduction of the colours, but this isn’t too far off. It’s quite dusky in real life, unless the sun shines directly on it. I like it.


And I finished the swallowtail in time! Here it is in its ‘lace dishcloth’ state –


And here’s the good bit, where the blocking magic happened –


I tried to wait for some better light to take a picture, but it wasn’t happening yesterday. And it’s in the post today, so that’s that.


I really enjoyed knitting this, I stormed through it at a cracking pace and loved every minute. And it’s put me in the mood for lots more lace – I’m even contemplating having a bash at designing my own stole.


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