I love the smell of…

…pickled woolly stuff.

So, come on let’s have a look at it…


…come along now, let’s have a sniff of it…


…come along now, let’s have a little bit more.

Ahem. Roughly 100g of BFL. Dyed with food colouring as per, and I’m starting to itch for some ‘proper’ dyes – this went into the steamer an interesting mix of ruddy brown, muddy red, and dark grey-blue, and emerged looking… well, like this. This might be in part due to the fact that the blue I used was Asda ‘natural’ (aka ‘all they had on the shelf’) – made with spirulina, according to the ingredients label. If memory serves, this is the foodstuff that makes a flamingo pink – so the fact I’ve ended up with something that reminds me of a rose is probably down to that.

The reason I spent yesterday doing this was because yes, my bobbins are free, free! of the green and yellow string that’s been driving me crazy these past two weeks.

Plied –


It’s come out at an average of around 38-40wpi. Which I think goes some way to explaining why it almost broke my brain. I ended up with a 25-30g-ish skein, 217 yards, which could have been bigger if it weren’t for this pile of snapped singles and sworn-at-and-flung-across-the-room fluff –


– which weighs about 10-15g itself (I really need to get some decent, digital scales).

I’ve just realised that if you look at this picture of my skein closely, you can see a small, dried-up tomato pip sitting behind it on this cushion. I suspect that if I were to pay any heed to the perfectionist part of me that’s screaming at me to reshoot this picture, I might be able to find a surface or piece of fabric in the living room to lay it on that doesn’t look quite so knackered, and hasn’t been ‘enhanced’ by a snacking toddler, but it could take a while.



And in all this, the swallowtail’s coming along nicely. I had a momentary panic when I realised I only had a week left to complete it – but I’ve only one more repeat of the budding lace section left to do and will probably get that done this afternoon. Fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “I love the smell of…

  1. molli

    OOoh, I love the colors! I might get brave enough eventually to try dyeing. And THANK YOU for all the help and links! I can now SPIN…lol

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